LOST S2 E22 “Three Minutes”

This is the second episode that takes place completely on the Island, flashbacks included.  These flashbacks show what happened to Michael after he took off Walt and the Others.

After trapping Jack and Locke in the armory, Michael got directions from the computer.  Let’s pause here and figure out just how monumentally stupid this is.  Michael doesn’t know that this is Walt on the other side of computer.  For all he knows it is some unemployed guy from Cleveland in his mother’s basement….. Okay, well, probably not that.  But my point is, he has absolutely no evidence that this has been Walt he is corresponding with.  Secondly, Michael has got this weird ass complex about needing to be alone and save Walt by himself.  If it is me, the more the merrier.

So Michael immediately runs right into an ambush and is captured. They take him back to their “camp” and start asking Michael questions, all about Walt.

Of course, Michael is just screaming for his boy.  Finally they let Michael see Walt for 3 minutes (hence the title).  Walt was happy to see his dad, but told him that the Others aren’t what they seem.  They are pretending, Walt said.  Michael deosn’t hear any of that because he is too busy with his own issues.

After they take Walt back away, they indicate that Walt has been a handful and they have agreed to give Walt back to Michael on one condition.  Michael free “their man” from the Hatch and bring jack, Kate, Hurley, and James Ford (to which Michael said,”Who is James Ford?”) to the Others.  Michael agrees but he wants the boat.

Michael comes back with bad intentions.  He kills Ana Lucia and Libby, frees Henry and pretends it was all Henry’s fault.  He convinces Jack that they can take them and he wants the five of them to go over. Jack wants more, but Michael is adamant.  Walt is his son so it is his decision.  Jack agrees.

As they were getting the guns, Jack and Sayid cross paths with Sayid who wants in.  Sawyer said great.  Jack said Michael doesn’t want more than the five.  Sawyer with a great point, “if we are going to war, wouldn’t you want to take the one guy who has been in one?”

Michael finds out about Sayid and finds him to say he does not want him to go along.  Michael comes up with some excuse and Sayid agrees.  However, Sayid is not fooled.  He goes to Jack and said that he believes Michael may be compromised.  You go, Sayid!

They decide to table the discussion until after Ana Lucia and Libby’s funeral.

Then…at the funeral… A BOAT!!!

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