LOST S2 E21 “?”

When Hurley cries, we all cry.

This episode follows up the events at the end of “Two for the Road” where Michael shoot Ana Lucia and Libby.  We believe that they are both dead, but, in fact, Libby is still alive, much to the chagrin of Michael who worries that she is going to tell everybody what Michael did.

Unfortunately, Libby is in no condition to be telling secrets.

The episode began with a weird dream for Mr. Eko.  He is told by Ana Lucia and Eko’s brother than he needs to help John, and that he must get John to tell him about the question mark.  Eko was inspired and took off to find John. He arrives at the Swan to help Michael and say goodbye to Ana Lucia.

Jack said there was nothing he could do for Libby, but make her comfortable, if only he had the heroin from the Virgin Mary statues.  He sent Sawyer to get it, and sent Kate with him so they would know where his stash of guns was.  Kate looked like Jack was doing something horrible by making Sawyer choose between giving up his location of the guns or letting Libby suffer.  Not sure why she was giving Jack the stink eye over that.

Eko offered to track Henry and he wanted John to go too.  This was a ruse by Eko so they could go find the question mark.  When he asked John about it, John pretended he did not know what Eko was talking about.  Eko then head butted him.

When John awoke, he said, “You hit me.” and Eko responded , “You were being difficult.”

Hurley was brought into the Swan to come to Libby’s side.  While there, he told Michael that he was glad that he(Michael) was okay.  Twist the knife all the more.

John and Eko wind up finding the Pearl Station beneath the wreckage of the Nigerian plane that had killed Boone.  When in the station, they found another orientation video for the Pearl.  This time, Dr. Marvin Candle calls himself Dr. Mark Wickmund and he explains that the people in the Pearl are to observe other stations and write down everything they see in the Dharma notebooks.  Then they were to put the notebooks in this tube which would shoot the notebook somewhere.

Locke took this as the Swan Station was a psychological experiment to see if the people would keep pushing the button. However, you could interpret that the psychological experiment was the Pearl, seeing if people would watch others pushing a button and write down all the details.  This is more likely since we know that the tube (from a later episode) comes out in the middle of nowhere and there is just a giant pile of notebooks.

Eko is convinced that the work of pushing the button is more important than ever.  Locke, not so much.

Then, of course, all of our hearts break when Hurley says to the dying Libby that he was sorry he forgot the blankets, knowing that the only reason she was in the Swan was because Hurley did not have any blankets for the picnic they were going to go on.

Just before dying, Libby gets out the name, Michael, to which Jack said, “Michael’s fine.”

Hurley’s lines just destroyed me throughout this episode.  The combo of Locke and Eko worked well together and it would have been cool to see more of these two together.

Eko was the flashback this time and he was going to Australia to check on a possible miracle for the church.  It turned out to be a girl who was declared dead after drowning but who came to during the autopsy.  The tape that the undertaker played was frightening.  Eko wanted to talk to the girl, but her father chased him away.  The father was Malkin, the psychic who sent Claire on Oceanic 815.  Malkin told Eko he was a fake psychic and that is why his wife was doing this.  This is odd timing because this would be about the same time that he is getting a ticket for Claire to get on the same flight that Eko is on.  Is Malkin a real psychic or is he a fraud?  If he is a fraud, what does that do to the Claire background story?  Plus, his daughter who drowned came to see Mr. Eko at the airport with a message from Yemi, whom she said she saw “between places”.  The message was that Eko was a good priest.

This flashback really muddies the waters of Malkin and Claire’s story.  Was there another reason why he did not want his daughter to be revealed as being a miracle?

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