EYG Top 10 Comic Book Duos in Movies


This week’s Top 10 Show is in honor of Ant Man and the Wasp that comes out this weekend and it is the Top 10 Comic Book Duos in Movies. Ironically, on a week that they are talking about duos, the normal duo of Mat Knost and John Rocha add a third person as guest to the podcast in the person of actor, writer and performer Shannon McClung.

This was a tough list for me because. honestly, I struggled to determine a number one.  To me any of the top 5-6 on this list could have an argument made for it being number one.

Of course,when thinking comic book genre and “duo” you immediately think Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo.  However, this is in movies, and there has never been a version of Batman and Robin that is worth anything in movies.  Certainly not that piece of crap Batman and Robin movie that was my most hated movie for a long time.

I also took the idea that we are talking about one specific movie (aka the Matt Knost argument) and not the culmination of several films.

#10.  Vision & Scarlet Witch, Avengers: Infinity War.  I wanted to include them because they were such a standout section of Infinity War and they are known to be one of the great pairings in comic history.  The fight with Scarlet Witch doing everything she could to protect the wounded Vision was excellent as was the torment at the end when Scarlet Witch had to do what she had to do, even though it turned out to be a waste.


#9.  Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman.  One of the best parts of the DC movie was the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor.  The chemistry with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was tremendous and they worked so well together.  This relationship also had to be so strong that you believed that Diana basically went into hiding for the next 70+ years afterwards, not showing up again until Batman v. Superman.  That seems as if they are adjusting it for the next Wonder Woman movie, but still, the connection absolutely worked in the original.


#8.  Kick-Ass & Hitgirl, Kick-Ass.  This pairing really made the movie, Kick Ass work.  Hitgirl, who was just a young teenager, turned out to be more of a mentor for Kick-Ass.  And this is the first of the list to be non-romantic.  Hitgirl was an amazing character, and showed a great deal of emotion when her father, Big Daddy, was killed.  The final scene with these two was awesome.


#7.  Hiro & Baymax, Big Hero 6. I wouldn’t have thought of this duo if it had not been for Matt Knost having them on his list, but I loved them very much.  It is long overdue for the sequel to that movie.  Baymax was a perfect companion and partner for Hiro, who had lost his brother and needed the help of this giant white robot.  Big Hero 6 was a surprising hit and the biggest reason was the relationship between these two characters.


#6.  Mr. Incredible & Elastigirl, Incredibles 2.  They might have been higher without the arguments that Matt and the guest star Shannon McClung made against them and technically, they are not a COMIC BOOK movie.  However, there has been Incredibles comics after the film, so it might be a cheat, but I think it belongs.    Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl do not spend a lot of time as a duo in the movies, with Incredibles 2 being more of a Elastigirl movie, but there is enough of it here to warrant their inclusion.  As parents, they are a duo in raising their children and they are still able to balance their super hero worlds.


#5.  Logan & Laura, Logan.  One of the great movies of the last few years, Logan and Laura have the relationship that carries the film, and the knock down fight at the end really cements them as a duo.  Laura is basically a clone of Wolverine, and Logan at first does not want any part of it. However, as the film continued on, she became a vital part of his life and he was willing to do anything for her.  And Laura came to see Logan as a father figure and their final scenes together are just heart breaking.


#4.  Dr. Strange & Wong. Doctor Strange. None of the Top 10 guys included this one on their list, which I find t be a huge omission.  Stephen Strange and Wong make a great duo in the film, working together, learning from each other and battling the forces of Dormammu together at the end of Doctor Strange.  Some of the best scenes of that movie featured the interaction between Wong and the new recruit, Stephen.  The whole Beyonce joke was worth it alone.  Benedict Cumberbatch and Benedict Wong were fabulous together and have set up some great future magic.


#3.  Rocket & Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy.  Yes, they form into a team by the end of the film, but you can see how great a duo Rocket and Groot are in the beginning of this movie.  From Rocket scolding Groot to not drink fountain water to Rocket firing the gun on Groot’s shoulder in the prison break sequence, Rocket and Groot show their camaraderie and their friendship.  As odd as it is, the tre and the raccoon are really the heart of this movie.


#2.  Thor & Loki, Thor: The Dark World.  This was the film that allowed Loki to show the most emotion as any of them.  I was tempted to choose Thor: Ragnarok because of where the relationship between Thor and Loki ended, but I chose The Dark World because of the loss of their mother Frigga and how much that loss affected the God of Mischief.  The Thor and Loki dynamic is always fantastic, as you can see when Loki is transforming into Steve Rogers to stick it to Thor some more. This allowed Loki to “die” in Thor’s arms as well, even though we know he was just pulling a fast one.  What else can you expect from a trickster god?


#1.  Captain America & Bucky, Captain America: Civil War. I specifically chose this movie for a reason.  This film was completely about Cap trying to help his friend out of trouble and dealing first hand with the sins of the Winter Soldier.  They fight Iron Man together at the end of the film in one of the most emotional brutal scenes in the MCU.  All the while, Cap was struggling to protect the friend he had knows since childhood, despite the list of atrocities that he committed.  There is some great moments between Steve and Bucky in Captain America: First Avenger, but the stakes do not get any higher than in Civil War.


Honorable Mention:  Evie & V (V for Vendetta), Thor & Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok), Tony Stark & Rhodey (Iron Man 2), Captain America & Falcon (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Captain America & Black Widow (Captain America: Winter Soldier), Batman & Alfred (Batman Begins), T’Challa & Shuri (Black Panther), Charles Xavier & Magneto (X-Men: First Class).

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