Lost Season Two Review

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I am now finished with season two of LOST.  I enjoyed it tremendously.  I have to say, my memory of season 2 was that it was not as good, but this was way better than I remembered.  Heck, I believe there were more episodes currently in the upper half of the overall list from season two than one.  I’m not sure why I remembered it this way.

I will say that there was one issue that I had with the season.  It was characters who did something that looked as if it was going to fundamentally change the perception of the character only to change back in just a few episodes.  Two huge examples:

Dark Charlie.  When Charlie was revealed to be the person who grabbed Sun, it sure seemed like he was on a path to become John Locke’s nemesis.  This was right after he had the breakdown with the baby and everyone turned on him.  Suddenly, the hoodie was gone, he was working with Eko and everyone forgot about Charlie’s crimes.  Heck, by season’s end, even Claire had forgiven him as she was kissing him in the last few moments.

Sheriff Sawyer.  Sawyer, mad about people going through his stuff when he was on the raft, set up a long con to grab control of the guns and the medicine.  He made everyone look foolish while doing it.  He declared himself the “new sheriff in town.”  Then the next episode, he was out acting like nothing had happened.  Him having the guns just became an unimportant plot point.  When someone needed a gun, they just went to Sawyer.  Sawyer did not cultivate this image and, before the season was over, everything was back where it started.

Neither of these characters were affected by these episodes even a little bit as they were treated as if they never happened.  Unlike Michael, who was completely and forever changed by his actions, Charlie and Sawyer went right back to who they were prior to the episodes.

To a lesser extent, you could argue that Hurley was the same way as he went from preparing to jump off a cliff to having a picnic with Libby, in the space of an episode.

While these episodes were mostly entertaining, they did not have the impact that they should have had on the overall story or the characters.

Best Episode Live Together, Die Alone.  This is currently at #1 on the list of episodes on the re-watch list.  I know there are some that will exceed this, but it was an exceptional season finale with huge storyline implications.  Runner-UpOrientation.

Best Flashback:  Desmond, Live Together, Die Alone.  This flashback had me crying over the relationship between Penny and Desmond.  It made me care more about that relationship in just a few minutes of air time than I did for several other relationships after two seasons.  Runner-Up The 23rd Psalm

Best PerformanceHarold Perrineau.  He made me hate Michael.  I was never a fan of Michael, but I HATED him by the end of this season.  You can see the way Michael was affected by everything he did in the name of getting his son back.  Wonderful work.  Runner-UpMichael Emerson

Biggest JerkMichael.  Well duh.  He went from a bit of a jerk to a downright monster, willing to do anything to anybody for Walt.  Runner-UpCharlie

Best DeathAna Lucia and Libby.  It has to be this pair of deaths because you just did not see it coming.  And it was just a blow to the chest, especially with Libby, who was juts starting to form a closer relationship with Hurley.  Runner-Up: Shannon

Biggest SurpriseMichael shoots Ana Lucia and Libby.  Did not see it coming at all.  It forever changed LOST and the character of Michael. Runner-Up: Desmond is in the Hatch.

Funniest Moment“You guys got any milk?” Henry Gale.  Henry tells John and Jack what he would do if he were one of “them.”  After putting them on notice, he calmly asks for milk for his cereal.  Runner-UpHurley’s dream with Jin speaking English and Mr. Cluck.

Best MomentThe Hatch implodes.  Everything in this episode that led up to the destruction of the Hatch was just remarkable. Ending with Locke’s line “I was wrong.” Runner-UpMr. Eko goes face-to-face with the Smoke Monster.

Most Character DevelopedDesmond.  Amazing since he was only in four episodes, but it can show you what you can do in limited time.  Desmond went from the guy in the Hatch to a romantic hero in just a few hours of TV.  Runner-Up: Michael

Best New Character “Henry”.  Boy this was a loaded category for season two because you could have any number of possible choices.  But Henry, who will eventually come to be known as Ben, is one of the most vital characters in the history of the show.  Runners-Up: Desmond, Mr. Eko, Penny, Ana Lucia, Libby, Bernard, Charles Widmore, Kelvin Inman

Bring on Season Three!  And Flash Forwards!


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