LOST S3 E2 “The Glass Ballerina”

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The second consecutive weaker episode to start season 3 was an episode I was talking about during the season two re-watch.

This is the episode that confirmed that Sun had been having an affair with Jae prior to getting on Oceanic 815.  So “The Whole Truth” episode where Sun tells Jin that she had not been with any other man was a big old lie and serves to undercut Sun as a character.

Much like the previous week’s fair where White Knight Jack was shown in a much more negative light in flashbacks, Sun is dealt with in much the same way.  Sun is caught by her father with Jae and he is shamed.  He orders Jin to kill him.  Jin does not want to do it.  Instead, he beats Jae up and warns him to disappear and leave the country.  At this point, Jin leaves, but Jae leaps from the balcony with a pearl necklace- the one he tried to give to Sun, in his hand and crashed onto Jin’s car, killing himself.

Jae thought Jin was talking about the affair with Sun when he actually had no idea about that.  He was only following Sun’s father’s orders.

Meanwhile, Sayid is setting a trap for the Others by setting a big fire without knowing that they already know that they are there.  In the end, Sun winds up shooting Colleen and the rest of the party escapes with Desmond’s boat.  Sun, Jin and Sayid are safe and begin their trek back to their camp.

The best scene of the episode takes place at the end where Ben comes and introduces himself properly to Jack.  Benjamin Linus is his full name, though Jack refused the handshake offered.  Jack and Ben interact, with Ben doing  most of the talking.  Ben waxed poetic about how last week their places were reversed and how he just wants to help Jack.

He offers to get Jack home.  Jack laughs at him, not believing that Ben can get him off the island.  Then Ben shows Jack a video of the Red Sox winning the World Series to prove that they have contact with the outside world.

This was a powerful moment since Jack’s dad used to say that “That’s why the Red Sox will never win the series.”

Sawyer and Kate kiss on the work line, which leads to Pickett coming over to shock Sawyer, but Sawyer gets the drop on him and gets a gun.  Unfortunately, Juliet is there and has a gun on Kate, forcing “James,” as she said, to give up his gun.  Sawyer and Kate exchange witty banter at the polar bear cages later that night.

I was not a fan of Sawyer and Kate so I did not like how the writers seemed to be forcing them together.  I still think that, deep down, Kate wants to be with Jack and that Sawyer is the bad boy she likes because she is more like her mother than she wants to admit.

Oh, and Ben is sitting watching everything happening on his monitors.  Creepy.

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