LOST S3 E1 “A Tale of Two Cities”

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All in all, I found the season three premiere a tad underwhelming.

There are some typically great things.  First, the Book Club meeting at the beginning of the episode that introduced us to Juliet and some of the Others was sensation. It kept you guess about who these people were until you went outside and saw Oceanic 815 crack apart in the sky.

Ben was introduced under his correct name, instead of Henry, and Michael Emerson is always top notch.

Sawyer and the fish biscuit was a nice touch of levity.  We are introduced to Carl, who will become more important later.

We learn a bit more about Jack.  At least, we see Jack acting jealous and angry in the real world when Sarah refused to reveal the name of the man she left Jack for.  Jack became convinced that the man was his father, Christian, and he attacked him at an AA meeting (which resulted in Christian hitting the booze again after 50 days sober).  It showed some of the negative traits that Jack displayed while dealing with Locke and Kate and Sawyer over the first two seasons and made us understand him more.

Otherwise, the episode was not my favorite.  We did not see anyone else besides Jack, Kate and Sawyer and the Others.  It made you wonder exactly what had happened to the Hatch, specifically Locke, Eko and Desmond.

We also found out that Jack was being held underwater at the Hydra station, or so they said. Juliet had a file on Jack giving her a ton of information.  It is unclear how they are able to gather such information on this isolated island.

My memory is that I was never a huge fan of the polar bear cage episodes so we’ll see if any of them are better than I recall.

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