LOST S3 E11 “Enter 77”

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Kate is determined to find Jack and bring him back to the beach.  So she, John, Sayid and Danielle head off into the jungle following a compass bearing provided by Mr. Eko’s Jesus stick in an attempt to find the Other’s home on the Island.

While that sounds a little crazy, it does not sound as crazy as some of the choices made while on the Island.

On their trip, they come across an isolated compound called The Flame and they see the eye-patch wearing man from the video feed in the Pearl.  His name is Mikhail and he immediately shoots Sayid, while pretending to be protecting the station from “Hostiles.”

Mikhail is quite the character.  He will die several times, at least it appears that way.  He will be around to cause all kinds of chaos over the next season or so.

Sayid’s Other Sense is full on tingling, because he does not fall for Mikhail’s story at all, despite the fact that Sayid allows Mikhail to take the bullet from his shoulder and stitch him up.

Kate and John search the rest of the compound.  John finds a computer chess game and starts to play.  He gets beaten and Mikhail tells him that the computer cheats.  Later, John is playing it again and wins, popping up a video featuring Marvin Candle outlining what to do in certain instances.  If there is a “Hostile” incursion in the station, they are to enter 77.

Kate had discovered that the station was rigged with c4.  They also captured Bea Klugh at the site and capture her. Unfortunately, Mikhail had gotten free and had a gun on Locke which led to a showdown.  Mikhail, from orders of Klugh, shoots her instead, killing her.

They take Mikhail captive, but may be a mistake.

The flashback was a Sayid story that was good, but did not seem to have anything to do with the story.  It is true that many of the flashbacks in season three felt as if they were stretching for things to show.  While Sayid being grabbed by a woman whom he had tortured while he was with the Republican Guard might be a compelling tale, it did not fit with what we had.

The ping pong contest between Hurley and Sawyer was fun, but was just a distraction.  Still, Sawyer unable to use nicknames for a week is full of comedic possibilities.


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