LOST S3 E12 “Par Avion”

Image result for lost par avion

Desmond is saving Charlie again.

Desmond’s latest vision included Charlie getting smashed against the rocks because Claire had spotted a bird. Claire knew these birds could be tagged and wanted to catch one so they could write a note.  However, Claire got mad when Desmond kept ruining their attempts.

Finally, Desmond told Claire about his ability to see the future and how he has been trying to save Charlie.

Anything with Desmond is excellent.  He is charming and entertaining every time he is on the screen. This plot was an excuse to throw in a flashback for Claire.  A flashback that gave us a huge piece of information.

When Claire was younger, she was in an auto accident in Australia with her mum.  Her mum wound up comatose in the hospital.  Worried about being able to afford the care, the doctor said the bills had already been taken care of y an anonymous donor.

That donor turned out to be Claire’s father… Christian Shepherd.

Claire had been told that her father died when she was young, but in truth he was in Los Angeles.  Christian came to see Claire and her mum in the hospital and told Claire who he was.  He never gave her a name, though.

We see Christian come on the night he died and get into an argument with Claire’s mother so we know that she will come out of this coma at some point.  Claire is already pregnant and is talking about giving the baby away for adoption while she is still in a coma.

Meanwhile, Locke, Sayid, Kate, and Danielle continued to take Mikhail on their way to the Other’s home.  They come across a sonic fence that surrounded the barracks.  Mikhail lied to them as he had been doing the entire time.  Locke shoved him between the fence causing him to go into a hemorrhage and “die.”  They had to go over the fence, so they chopped down a tree and shimmed over.

When they arrived at Otherville, they get a shock when they see Jack tossing the football around with Tom Friendly.


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