LOST S3 E4 “Every Man for Himself”

Image result for Lost Every man for himself

This was the best episode in season 4 so far.  A Sawyer-centric episode where Ben decided that the only was to gain a con man’s trust is to con him.  So he went about tying to manipulate Sawyer.  And Ben does one hell of a good job.

He takes Sawyer from the polar bear cage and pretends to implant a pacemaker into his body that would blow up Sawyer’s heart if his heartbeat got going too fast.  He showed Sawyer a bunny that they had done the same thing to and he shook it until it died.

Dark, but it was just part of the con.

They gave Sawyer a watch to keep track of his heartbeat.

Flashback to prison where Sawyer has been sent after his attempt to con Cassidy.  She pressed charges on him and he wound up in prison for the lat nine months.  Cassidy came to see Sawyer with a picture of  a baby girl that she claimed was his.  Clementine is what she said the little baby’s name was.  Sawyer rejected the idea of having a daughter and sent Cassidy away.

However, Sawyer got involved with the warden to con another prisoner into giving up the location of money that he stole.  In exchange, Sawyer’s sentence would be commuted and he would receive a part of the reward.  Sawyer asked for it to be set up in a bank account for Clementine.

Back on Hydra Island, Jack is brought to try and save Colleen, but he cannot. Pickett gets upet and goes to take it out on Sawyer.  After opening the cage and taking him over to Kate’s cage, Pickett began to pound on Sawyer’s face, yelling at Kate, “Do you love him?” He kept beating on Sawyer until Kate admitted that she did love him.

Honestly, this whole section was the weakest part of the episode.  It feels a very contrived way to get Sawyer and Kate together.  And I don’t know why it mattered to Pickett at that point whether she loved him or not.  Pickett did not know that it was Sun who had shot his wife, but he was taking it out on the con man.

The next morning, Ben arrived to show Sawyer something.  He takes him and shows him the bunny, not dead, and told Sawyer that they had not implanted a pacemaker in him.  It was all a con.  However, there is no reason to run because they were on a different island, not the one where Sawyer’s plane crashed.

Ben was trying to show Sawyer that he was way ahead of him, no matter how talented he was at conning.

We also got some more of Desmond back at the beach.  He was trying to convince Claire to let him fix her roof, but she and Charlie sent him away. Instead, Des set up a long pole with a 5 iron at the end of it.  Turns out that the pole Desmond set up gets struck by lightning and falls down harmlessly beside Claire’s tent.

As Hurley will eventually note, this is Desmond’s super power.

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