LOST S3 E5 “The Cost of Living”

Image result for LOST the cost of living

Goodbye, Mr. Eko.

Only Bernard remains from the Tail section of Oceanic 815.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje had only signed a one year contract with the show, and was looking to leave.  Apparently, the producers talked him into returning so they could spread out Mr.Eko’s death from that of Ana Lucia and Libby.  He agreed.  However, there is no way to measure how sad the loss of one of the best characters on LOST was.  Mr. Eko had so much more story to tell.

Bringing Mr. Eko back to the Smoke Monster is a stroke of genius though.  In The 23rd Psalm, Mr. Eko stared down the Smoke Monster, apparently being judged worthy to live. However, here, Smoke Monster changed his tune.  Perhaps it was because of Mr. Eko’s insistence that he had not sinned.  That all he did was survive.

Mr. Eko’s flashback went back to Nigeria to Yemi’s church and Eko took it over.  Then so bad men show up demanding vaccine from a shipment.  It is a deal Yemi had negotiated but Eko was having none of it.  He drew the men out and killed them all, unleashing the darkside of Mr. Eko.

Mr. Eko used the line, “You don’t know who I am.” before burying the machete in the man’s head.

On the Island, Eko is confronted by zombie versions of these men.  He also tries to confess to his brother, which was when he had said that he did what he had to do to survive.

Problem was this was not Yemi Eko was confessing to .  It was the Smoke Monster.  It was one of the first times when we understood that the Smoke Monster could take forms of other people.

While Eko was above ground, Locke, Sayid, Paolo, Nikki and Desmond were in the Pearl Station trying to find a way to communicate with the Others.  When Nikki suggest they try one of the other TVs, they find a signal to another station where they see a man with an eye patch (who we would eventually know as Mikhail).

And on Hydra Island, Ben admits to Jack that he has a tumor on his spine and he wants Jack to operate on him.  Juliet comes with a video that suggests that some Others want a change in leadership and that Jack could “accidentally” lose Ben on the table.  While the video played, Juliet said the opposite things for the cameras as not to give away her plan.

This marked another improvement on season 3.  LOST feels at this point that it might have been out of its early season slump.

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