LOST S3 E7 “Not in Portland”

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I hated Juliet.

She was such a horrible person when we first meet her and you couldn’t believe anything she said.  She was like a female Ben.

Even with the juxtaposition of her first Juliet-centric episode, “Not in Portland,” which focused on her quest to help her cancer ridden sister to become pregnant, I could not bring myself to care for her at all.

Her on Island persona was so rotten that I had no problem hating her. It wouldn’t be until she and Sawyer get together later in season 4 (i believe) that Juliet becomes more than just a lying killer.

She has told so many lies on the Island that you are never sure exactly what she wants.  You can guess now that her main goal would be to get back to the world to her sister, but her actions are still suspect.

Kate and Sawyer escape but have to run through the jungle as bullets are fired past them.  Pickett isn’t about to give up on his desire to kill Sawyer, and quickly, Sawyer is out of bullets.  If it wasn’t for deus ex machina Alex, Kate and Sawyer would have been caught and probably killed.

Alex has a boat, but she wants Kate and Sawyer to help her save her boyfriend Carl. She takes them to a building that has Aldo as a guard.  They pull the “ol’ Wookie prisoner gag” as Sawyer puts it and get the jump on Aldo.  They find Carl in room 23, which is quote the trip.

Carl looks like he is being brainwashed with quick, flashing images and messages.  He had LED glasses on and an IV in hi arm.  The existence of Room 23 is one of the more brutal aspects of the Others and the Dharma Initiative before them.

Back in the surgery, Ben awakes and listens to Jack and the argument.  Finally, he asks to talk to Juliet.  According to Juliet, Ben told her to help Kate and Sawyer escape and in return he would let her go home.  It is unclear whether she was lying about that or if he did say it and was lying about it.  Either way, Juliet went off and helped Sawyer and Kate by killing Pickett and letting them go.

There was one scene in particular that flashed from Juliet in Miami with a bright, happy face to Juliet on the Island who looked cold, calculating and full of anger.  It was quite the stark difference.

Other things that happen:

  • Juliet’s ex-husband gets hit by a bus.  Buses are dangerous on LOST.
  • We meet Richard Albert for the first time.  He recruited Juliet.
  • Ethan Rom is the official “THIS IS A FLASHBACK” guy.  He appears any time they want to make sure you understand that this is happening in the past.
  • Tom introduced himself to Jack.  He seemed like a nice guy who could have been friends had the Others reacted differently.
  • We find out that Alex is Ben’s daughter.  Sawyer repeats one of Hurley’s lines, “Didn’t see that coming.”
  • Jack tells Kate not to come back for him

By this point, Season 3 is fully out of its early slump and we’ve had a couple amazing episodes in a row.

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