LOST S3 E6 “I Do”

Look, Kate married Nathan Fillion!

“I Do” is a “Mini-series finale” as the show was going on a 13-week hiatus after this.  We see this more often now with shows taking their Winter Finales etc, but at the time, it was a novel approach to keep the episodes together and not have them constantly interrupted by reruns.  Because of that, the first six episodes were meant to feel like it had an over arching story, in this case, Kate, Sawyer and Jack’s capture and detainment on Hydra Island.

Of course the biggest news from the episode was that Kate and Sawyer had sex in the cage.  This was lauded by many, but I was (an am) on Team Jack (shipped Jate, if I remember correctly) and I was not happy about it.

I must say that I really liked the relationship between Kate (aka Monica) and Kevin (Fillion).  This continued the narrative of the character of Kate being unable to commit or to stay in one place.  She needed to run.  When she called Edward Mars, Kate was asking him to leave her alone so she could stop running, but Mars knew she couldn’t do it.  He even offered to let her go if she would settle down.  What would have happened if she had been able to do it? It was the pregnancy test that was the final straw, that kicked her flight response into gear. She couldn’t picture herself as a mother, which will be a real change in Kate in the later seasons with Aaron and the Oceanic 6.

Kate was probably right though when she said that Kevin would eventually find out.  He was a police officer and she did not want to compromise him.  So Kate drugged him (which seems to be Kate M.O.) and took off.

Back on Hydra Island, Jack was considering operating on Ben, but he basically told Ben to get ready to die.  Jack was pretty brutal here, not necessarily following the Hippocratic Oath.  There were certainly better ways for Ben to have gotten him to help.  The entire argument of the Others is flawed.  Ben keeps saying that they were the Good Guys and that the violence came from the survivors of Oceanic 815.  The problem was, if he would have just approached the survivors and offered help instead of abducting passengers (especially children) things would have been much easier.  Don’t forget, not only did Ethan Rom try to kidnap Claire, he hanged Charlie from a tree.  That kind of goes against the narrative of him being a “good person.”

Matthew Fox is wonderful in this episode.  You can see the betrayal on his face when Kate comes to him to ask him to do the surgery because they were going to kill Sawyer.  Then he sees them in the cage going sat it on Ben’s monitors making it even a worse feeling.  Still, Jack comes up with a plan to save Kate and Sawyer.

And what a plan it was.  Start the surgery on Ben and then stop in the middle, make a small incision and let Ben die unless the Others follow his instructions.  Let Kate and Sawyer go or he dies.

And the timing couldn’t have been better because Pickett was moments away from executing Sawyer in font of Kate.  With the rain pouring down, this scene was tension filled and frightening.

And Jack’s “Kate, dammit, Run!” really punctuated the mini-series finale.

Other important details:

  • Mr. Eko’s body was buried by Locke and company.  Sayid and Locke went back and found the Jesus stick to mark the grave.
  • The Jesus Stick had carved into it, “LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK NORTH” with John 3.05.  Message?
  • Pickett mentions that Shepherd “wasn’t even on Jacob’s list.”  This is the first mention of the name Jacob.
  • Alex shows up in a panic trying to find her boyfriend Carl.  She thinks that the Others have killed him.  She is looking for help from Kate and Sawyer, perhaps foreshadowing what will happen in the future.
  • Ben asked Juliet if Alex asked about him. We know that Ben and Alex have a complicated relationship.

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