LOST S3 E15 “Left Behind”

Image result for LOST left behind

I have expressed my dislike and mistrust of Juliet before.  This episode does not make it any better.

Juliet is a liar and a schemer, just like Ben.  She is responsible for handcuffing herself to Kate and taking the pair into the jungle.  And why?  Because she didn’t want to be left behind again?  That does not seem very likely.

Juliet has not built any trust with anyone but Jack.  She had the key.  She knew the Smoke Monster, but she kept lying about it.  And if I remember correctly, she’s not done with her lies.

I thought the flashbacks were interesting this week as Kate tried to see her mother and find out why she turned Kate in for blowing up Wayne.  That wsn’t the real interesting part though.  It was the girl buddy thing happening between Kate and Cassidy.  Kate helped Cassidy get out of trouble and the two bonded over their trouble with the law.

Meanwhile on the Island, Kate was handcuffed to Juliet.  This is an interesting juxtaposition as Kate is with Sawyer’s old flame in flashbacks and Jack’s potential new flame in the present.  The dynamic with the three women was fascinating to see,

I enjoyed watching Kate and Cassidy working together to get Kate to her mom.  Cassidy confided in Kate about her pregnancy (by Sawyer, though Kate does not know Sawyer in the flashback yet) and Kate told Cassidy her real name.  It was almost like Thelma and Louise.

The Others took off, leaving the Oceanic 815 folks behind, except for John Locke, who decided to go with them.  The Others gassed them and left the community.  We do not know where they are headed, but John is anxious to stay with them.  There was no mention of Anthony Cooper from the previous cliffhanger.

Back at the beach, Hurley tried to make Sawyer nicer so he could be the temporary leader.  He does this by conning Sawyer that the group was going to banish him.  This was a nice little story that did not have much story behind it.  Still, Hurley and Sawyer make an entertaining team.

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