LOST S3 E16 “One of Us”

Was there any wonder why I hated Juliet so much at first?

This episode spent the entire time humanizing her, making the viewers connect with her plight, making us feel for Juliet’s sister and Juliet’s wish to just go home…something we all feel at some point.  They throw her into the beach group so there is isolation, another feeling that we have all felt.

And then they toss the whole thing away by showing that she is a spy for Ben.

One also has to wonder why Jack is such a supporter of Juliet.  He certainly was a first hand witness to her manipulations and he even called her on it to the Others.  It’s one thing to want to give someone a second chance to earn your trust, but it is a whole other thing to blindly forget everything you knew about someone just because you have something in common.

Both Jack and Juliet want off the Island.  That seems to be the only thing driving Jack to believe in her.  That does not seem like enough.

The great scene where Juliet is confronted by Sawyer and Sayid is a perfect example of the differing views.  These Others have tormented and terrorized the survivors for months, but then claim to be the good guys.  When confronted, Juliet slams Sayid and Sawyer with what they had done before the Island, judging them very harshly.  The Others do not subscribe to the theory that the Island is a clean slate and that everyone gets a new life on the Island.  The Others can justify any number of rotten to cruel things because they see themselves as above the survivors.  They are Jacob’s chosen.

Implanting something into Claire that will make her sick unless Juliet can ride to the rescue is just the latest in a long line of atrocities the Others perpetrated against the survivors.  Ben or Juliet probably would justify it by saying Claire was going to give up Aaron anyway so it is fine.

The Others’ claim that they are the “good guys” is just delusional.  This is just one more example of it.


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