LOST S3 E19 “The Brig”

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One of the big questions gets a confirmed answer in “The Brig” as it is revealed that the wicked con man Anthony Cooper, the father of John Locke, is also the “Sawyer” who was involved with conning James “Sawyer” Ford’s parents which led to the murder-suicide by James’s father.

We had pretty much figured this out by this point, but it was nice to have the confirmation from LOST.  Plus, we had one of the most satisfying confrontations in the show’s history.

When John realized that he was not going to be able to actually murder his father, even with the horrible things Anthony had done to him, he had to come up with something else.  The suggestion came from Richard Alpert, as he gave Locke a file on Sawyer.

John took Anthony to the brig on the Black Rock and then went to get Sawyer from the beach.  Locke lured Sawyer to the Black Rock with the story that he had captured Ben and wanted Sawyer to kill him. Sawyer refused, claiming not to be a murderer.  Locke reminded him of the man in Sydney and then said that all Sawyer would need to do his hear what Ben had to say and he would change his mind.

Once they arrived at the Black Rock, Locke locked Sawyer in with Anthony and waited.

The scenes between Sawyer and Anthony were brilliant, especially since they never shared even one moment of screen time together.  The dialogue between Sawyer and Anthony, and Sawyer and Locke from the trip, really popped this entire episode.

Another one of the popular theories of what was going on here was explored a bit.  Some people believed that the Island was actually Hell and that they were all dead.  Anthony believed this.  He gave a story about being injured by a car in Tallahassee and being loaded on an ambulance and then waking up to his dead son.

Anthony confirmed the story that the parachutist (Naomi) had told that they found Oceanic Flight 815 at the bottom of the ocean.

Kevin Tighe, who played Cooper, was just tremendous as the unrepentant Sawyer/Cooper/con man.  Even when James was making him read the letter he had written as a child, Cooper was almost laughing through it.  He was truly a low life and he deserved what fate had in store for him.  Even still, you could see how much regret Sawyer had after he strangled the man with the chains.

Locke thanks Sawyer.

The flashbacks this week were actually all on the Island and told the story of John and his father from the end of “The Man from Tallahassee” until when he got Sawyer.  It was a different manner of flashback this episode and I really liked it.

Meanwhile on the Island, Hurley, Desmond, Jin and Charlie returned to camp with the parachutist, but they were nervous about telling Jack because they did not trust him any more.  Instead they went to Sayid.  Naomi said she was from a ship off the coast of the Island and she had been commissioned by Penny Widmore.

Eventually Kate found out and she went to Jack.  She did not want to tell Juliet, but Jack insisted and so Kate told him and said the reason his friends did not trust him any more was because of Juliet.

New people are coming…


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