LOST S3 E20 “The Man Behind the Curtain”

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This is a great episode that gave us some specifics about Ben’s background, the Dharma Initiative and the Island’s true ruler.

Well, there are more questions than answers in true LOST tradition.  Still there are a bunch of things we learned.

  • Ben was not born on the Island as he said.  He came as a child.  He was born early and in Portland by the side of the road.
  • Ben’s father was Roger “Work Man”, the skeleton discovered by Hurley in “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”
  • Richard Alpert does not appear to age.
  • Ben saw his mother in the jungle of the Island even though she died giving birth to him.
  • Roger was an asshole who never got past his wife, Emily’s death and blamed Ben for it.  No wonder he turned out as he did.
  • There was a volcano on the Island.
  • Only Ben has ever seen Jacob.  This may be questionable since Ben is a liar.
  • Ben murdered his own father – a reason why he was so insistent on John doing the same?
  • The Dharma Initiative was murdered by the Hostiles with help from Ben.  Ben dumped all their bodies into a pit.
  • Juliet is a double spy, having already told Jack what she was doing.  Instructions from Ben allow the 815 crew to know when the Others are coming.


This episode featured a great performance from Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson.  These two scene partners seem to be better every time they are together.  Ben is clearly jealous of John and seemed surprised when Jacob spoke to John.

When Ben shoots John at the Dharma mass grave, he demands to know what Jacob said to him.  “Help me” responded John.

The whole cabin in the woods vibe of Jacob’s cabin was really spooky and well done.  At first, one wondered what was going on and if Ben had just been playing with John, but then the scene went crazy and we see the eye and the quick glimpse of who we think is Jacob.

For a season that started out shakily and uncertain, season three has truly hit its stride.

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