LOST S4 E4 “Eggtown”

Flash Forward:  The Trail of Kate Austen.

Kate has been running for years.  Ever since she crispy fried her step-father (who was her real father) in the house fire, Kate has been making a life out of moving form one place to another.

However, something has made Kate face the music, wanting to be able to stay in one place.  Her son.

Her son?  When did Kate give birth?  We wonder this the whole episode.  Was she pregnant from her time with Sawyer and gave birth after they were rescued?  Since we do not know the time frame from the flash-forward, that was a possibility.

Kate has been a fairly consistent character in that as soon as rescue comes close, she takes off or does something really stupid to try and get by.  This is no exception.  She stayed behind at the barracks with Locke because she saw an opportunity to find out from Miles what the freighter people knew about her.

However, Locke did not let her talk to Miles so she had to do something drastic.  Conning poor Hurley, Kate found out where Miles was being held and she went to talk to him.  He refused to tell her anything unless he got one minute with Ben.

Kate enlisted Sawyer for help and worked it so Locke would be out of his house (Ben was now in Locke’s cellar).  She brought Miles to Ben.  Miles basically said that he would tell his boss that Ben was dead if Ben gave him 3.2 million dollars.

After the meeting, Kate found out that Miles and the freighter people knew all about Kate’s legal problems and he suggested that she stay right here on the Island.

Locke caught her and banished her from the barracks. She spent the night with Sawyer, but they did not have sex.  Sawyer asked her about it and Kate said that she was not pregnant and that she was going back to the beach.  Sawyer was upset and lashed out verbally at her.

Kate said she was not pregnant so how does she have a son in the flash forward?

More details that everything isn’t 100% okay came when Jack (without the crazy beard or obvious painkiller addiction) took the stand in Kate’s trial.  Under oath, he told a story about the crash that was mostly a lie.  He said that only eight passengers survived the crash.  They crashed in the water. Kate helped take care of the other six.  The Marshal died int he crash and he never spoke to him.  Kate told him about her fugitive status on her own.  Jack, the one known for being heroic and honest, was committing perjury all over the place.

Why are the Oceanic 6 lying?  Hurley, in the season opener, made a reference to telling and this is what he was meaning.  They have set up a cover story. Why?

Kate cut a deal with the prosecutor after Kate’s mom refused to testify against Kate and she was free.  She agreed to not leave the state for 10 years.  She claimed she had no where to go with her son.

Then we find out the piece of info that makes this all make sense.  She goes home and see her “son.”  It is Aaron, Claire’s son.

Why is Kate raising Aaron?  Does this count as being raised by another?  What happened to Claire?  We do know that Aaron makes the 5th of the Oceanic 6.  One remaining.

With the murder charge out of the way, Kate seems as if she is ready to settle down with Aaron and live a normal life.  Is running more about Kate or more about the charges that had been hanging over Kate’s head?

The Constant is next.

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