LOST S4 E3 “The Economist”

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Jarrah, Sayid Jarrah.

The Economist flashes forward to Berlin where Sayid Jarrah has found himself as a super spy.  Well, maybe more of an assassin.  Sayid has himself a list and he has to kill everyone on the list.  We see Sayid dispatch a guy on a golf course as the cold open.

Along the way, he falls for a woman named Elsa, who works for his next target.  However, Elsa is playing Sayid as well.  Too bad.  Sayid is much more dangerous and she winds up dead.  Sayid regrets having to kill her as he had developed feeling for her.

Sayid’s boss was unhappy with that.

Sayid’s boss?  Ben.

Yep, Ben Linus is in the flash forward giving Sayid instructions on murdering people.  Of course, Ben says none of these people are good people, but who can believe one word that Ben says?  Ben has something on Sayid, making it so he has to work for him.

Sayid does admit to being a member of the Oceanic 6.  Now that makes Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid.

On Island, Sayid takes Miles and Kate and goes to the barracks to try to negotiate a release of Charlotte from Locke’s people.  Locke’s group gets a drop on them and separates them from each other.  Locke comes to see Sayid and Sayid wants to have Locke give him Charlotte.  Locke says, you think I should just give you Charlotte for nothing?  Sayid responds with no, I never said for nothing.  Instead, he swaps Miles for Charlotte.

John tells Sayid that Ben claims to have a spy on the freighter.

Kate decides to stay at the barracks.

After Sayid returns with Charlotte, Frank takes Sayid and Desmond in the helicopter and heads to the freighter.

There was a cool scene where Faraday did a scientific experiment dealing with the time discrepancies on the Island.  This will be setting up the time travel aspects for later in the season.

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