LOST S4 E8 “Meet Kevin Johnson”

Well, we know that Michael is Ben’s spy on the freighter.  This is how he got there.

There are a lot of weird things introduced in this episode that was very unexpected.  The first thing that comes to mind is that the Island has the power to prevent someone from dying if it is “not through with you.”  The episode showed us this by having Michael try to kill himself twice in New York.

Tom Friendly arrived in NYC to recruit Michael to be Ben’s spy on the freighter.  He showed Michael how Charles Widmore rigged the wreckage that was discovered in the Indian Ocean, which spoke to an unbelievable amount of effort to go to.  Tom told Michael that Widmore intended to kill everyone on the Island and they needed to stop him.

Then, Tom realized that Michael had told Walt about what he had done.  You could see how disgusted Tom was about Michael telling a 10-year old boy that his father was a murderer because he couldn’t handle the grief.  This actually fits right in with the character of Michael as it has always been about him.  Everything that happened was about Michael.  He needed to tell Walt to ease his own conscience not even considering what it would do to Walt.

Even the attempted suicides are more about Michael than anything else.  Michael is not considering how his suicide would affect his son or his mother.  All he can think of is relieving the guilt he feels as an individual.  So when Tom offered him a chance to redeem himself, Michael took it, again not thinking about anyone but himself.  Michael is still one of the biggest assholes on the show.

Sayid certainly agrees as he listened to Michael’s story and promptly turned him in to the ship’s captain a a traitor.  Sayid had been burned by Michael too many times to take a chance now.

Speaking of assholes, we get a little more about Keemy this week.  The end of the episode sees Karl and Danielle shot and apparently dead, as they accompanied Alex to the Temple, which is supposed to be the only safe place on the Island.  Ben insisted that Alex go there and that her mother would keep her safe.  Not so much.  Alex saved herself by crying out that she was Ben’s daughter.

The time line of LOST seemed to be all over the place as it feels like Michael was able to accomplish quite a bit during the short time that he would have been off Island.  I mean, season three did not take that long to progress.  There have been other questions of timing in other flashbacks that if you sit down and really examine where these things fall into line, there would be some big time discrepancies.  I suppose you could make an argument that time on the Island is all wonky and that any chance to align it to the outside world is not useful, but it seems like other times the timing matches up perfectly.  I guess it is just one of those things you have to accept as unexplained.


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