LOST S4 E7 “Ji Yeon”

This is a perfect example of the misdirection that LOST likes to throw at the viewers work brilliantly well.  “Ji Yeon” is both a flash-forward and a flashback and the viewers did not have any idea.

We see A very pregnant Sun start to go into labor and go to the hospital.  We see Jin rushing to the hospital, trying to buy a stuffed panda.  During her difficult labor, Sun was calling for Jin.  It all made perfect sense.

Then it wasn’t .

Jin was rushing to the hospital because a business associate of Mr.Paik had a daughter giving birth and the panda was a way to strike the connection between the businessmen.  Sun was just delirious when wishing for Jin.

Sun is the sixth member of the Oceanic 6- Sayid, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley and Sun.

And we found out that Sun believed that Jin was dead.  Sun and Hurley brought Jin’s newly born daughter Ji Yeon to see his tombstone.

I loved the twist at the end and it was very emotional to hear Sun speak to the tombstone, telling Jin about his daughter who he will ever get a chance to meet.

Back on the Island, Juliet told Jin about Sun’s affair to keep them from going to Locke’s camp.  I remember gasping the first time I saw this and just wanting Juliet to go away.  Sun eventually comes to understand why she did it, but it was just one more strike for me against her,

And on the freighter, we saw a crew member, Regina, wrapped in chains, jump overboard and drown while no one on the ship helped.  It was as if they had seen it happen before, which is a creepy thought.  The Captain told Sayid and Desmond that the ship belonged to Charles Widmore and they met Kevin Johnson…who turned out to be a face they recognized.


If I remember correctly, we knew that Harold Perrineau was coming back for season 4 so, when Ben started talking about having a spy on the freighter, most people had made the guess that it was going to be Michael.  But just because it was known, doesn’t make it a bad choice.  Bringing Michael back gave the chance for some final justice.

But that is still ahead of us.

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