LOST S4 E10 “Something Nice Back Home”

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We flash forward this week seeing how Jack and Kate got together, got engaged, and broke apart all in like a day.

Meanwhile, on the Island, Jack needed to have his appendix taken out. Not much concern for whether or not the operation will be successful.  Juliet operates.  Kate holds the mirror so Jack can watch, but they end up knocking Jack out with chloroform.  It just shows Jack’s control issues once again.

Sawyer, Miles, Claire and the baby are on their way back to the beach after leaving Locke, Ben and Hurley.  Sawyer was doing his best big brother imitation when he saw Miles eye balling Claire.  He told Miles that there was a 20-foot restraining order.  It is kind of funny to see how Sawyer has changed over the seasons as well.  It was not that long ago that Sawyer didn’t care anything about Claire.  Last episode, he was running through gunfire to save Claire, pulling her out of the destroyed building and now he is in full protective mode.  Unfortunately, in the middle of the night, Claire is visited on the Island by Christian Shepherd. He has Aaron in his arms and she said, “Dad.”

The next morning, Sawyer wakes up and finds out that Claire is gone.  Miles told him she was with her Dad and they went off into the jungle.  He said he would have followed but there was a restraining order.

We saw Frank Lapidus come across Sawyer’s group and he helped them hide from Keemy.  Each episode goes out of the way to show Frank in a different light than even Faraday, Miles and Charlotte.  Whereas Faraday and Charlotte are always exchanging glances with each other and then obviously lying, and Miles is just obnoxiously straight forward, Lapidus seemed to be a good guy who just wants to help people.  He helped Sayid and Desmond on the boat, was respectful to the other survivors, got Sawyer,Claire and Miles to safety and even helped distract Keemy when Aaron made a baby noise.  Frank is quite a guy and it is easy to like him.

There really wasn’t much to this episode.  Lots of little things but certainly not like last episode did.  It felt like one of those filler episodes that brought a bunch of things to the forefront to prepare for the finale.

And where is Claire?


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