LOST S4 E11 “Cabin Fever”

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Hurley is such a good guy.  Sharing his Apollo bar with Ben.  Now that is sacrifice.

John, Ben and Hugo were in search of Jacob’s ever moving cabin, and it took another weird dream for Locke to find the proper location.  It was a dream featuring the return of Dharma Initiative member Horace Godspeed, who pointed Locke in the proper direction.

Ben was fairly docile most of this episode, but I did not trust that.  Hurley, however, seemed to be forgiving.

When they found the cabin, only John wanted to go inside.  Inside he found Christian and Claire.  Claire was very much acting differently, and, of course we know that, Christian is dead.  Is this the Smoke Monster?  It is not Jacob.  Either way, Christian tells John what he has to do.

Move the Island.  Easy-peasy.

I guess if anyone could do it, it would have to be Locke.  He was special.  In flashbacks this episode, we saw some important points in Locke’s life including when he was born prematurely after his mom was hit by a car.  And there in the hospital stood Richard Alpert, looking no different than he did in the present.  A few years later, Richard visited Locke in his foster home and asked him which of the objects here already belonged to John.  Richard seemed unhappy when John chose the knife.  Richard’s interest in Locke is a fascinating story that will be covered next season.

Martin Keemy.  He is the head mercenary from Widmore’s freighter and it appears that he and his merc buddies (ex Omar) are the real trouble on the freighter.  The captain was a pretty decent fellow in this episode.  Too bad he was short for the world.  Martin Keemy is something that we are not used to on LOST.  He is a villain who is not a shade of grey.  This guy is downright monstrous.  Ben has been our villain for the last year or so, but he has his good moments.  You could even make an argument that he really was the “good guy.”  He certainly believed that he was the good guy in the story.  I am sure that Keemy had absolutely no question that he was the bad guy.  It’s kind of nice to have someone to completely cheer against.

It is why Alex, Karl and Rousseau died at his hand.  He had to be a threat.  In this episode, he showed his strength and his evil to the people on the boat, especially Frank who did not want to fly them back to the Island with the arsenal they were loading up.  Keemy slit the doctor’s throat and threw him overboard (we already knew he was dead last episode) and he shot the captain to death.  He is a bad man and he is coming for Ben.

Thankfully, Frank sees the truth here and is there to help with what he can.

Keemy could not over power the Island though as he tried to execute Michael “Kevin Johnson” Dawson, but Keemy’s gun would not fire when he pulled the trigger.  The Island was not done with Michael yet.

Before his demise, the captain got Sayid the ship’s zodiac raft and Sayid took off for the Island (on the proper bearings) to start moving people to the freighter.  Desmond stayed on the ship saying that he would never step foot on that Island again.

This is an excellent episode that will directly lead us into the two part finale for season 4 (which was shortened by the writer’s strike).



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