LOST S5 E3 “Jughead”

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More time travel and some Desmond and Penny goodness.  What more could you need in an episode of LOST?  Well, how about an atomic bomb?

We started with a flashback to Penny giving birth to Desmond’s son…Charlie.  I swear, everything with Penny and Desmond is perfection.  Even their fights are bloody perfect.

Present day- Desmond arrived in Great Britain.  Desmond telling young Charlie about the wonderful Scotland was as charming as you would expect it to be.  Penny worried about her father, but Desmond comforted her.  It had nothing to do with Charles Widmore, he said. He was wrong about that.

Desmond went to Oxford only to find out that Faraday never worked there…*wink*.  In fact, he had been removed from the college because of what he had done to a girl.  Desmond went to see her too only to find her in the mind time travel as he encountered in The Constant.  He did find out that Charles Widmore had funded Faraday’s research for ten years.

So Desmond stormed into Charles’ office to confront him.  He demanded to know where Daniel Faraday’s mother was.  Charles told him she was in LA.

Desmond went back to the boat and told Penny Faraday’s mother was dead, but Penny knew he was lying immediately.  Desmond told her that Faraday’s mother was in LA, but he was done.  He had promised that this would only take one day and he was done.  Penny knew Desmond would not be able to let this go.  She knows the kind of man Desmond was so she and Charlie are just going to have to go with him.

Desmond and Penny are so awesome.  They are truly the heart of this show.  I remember watching originally and fearing that something was going to happen to Penny.  We know that Ben was after her.  Just the thought of Penny being killed was unacceptable.

On the Island it is 1954 and Daniel, Charlotte and Miles have been captured by the ’54 team of the Others.  They bring them to Richard Alpert, looking just like he always does.  Richard thought they were with the US Military and had attacked the Others last week.  Daniel mentioned the bomb.

There was an A-bomb on the Island and it was causing trouble.  Daniel said he could disarm it.  Richard gave him a chance and Ellie took Daniel to the bomb.  Sawyer and Juliet were able to disarm Ellie, but not before Daniel got a look at the A-Bomb.  The casing is cracked and it is leaking.  Faraday said to bury it with concrete.

John walked right into the Others’ camp calling for Richard, causing everyone to freak out, especially a young Charles Widmore.  John needed information and he tells Richard everything from the future.  John wanted Richard to tell him how to leave the Island because Richard (the future version) told him he had to.  1954 Richard was confused but Locke had given him the compass Richard (the future) had given to Locke and he told Richard (1954) that Locke was going to be born in two years and he could come see him.  Richard does… in “Cabin Fever” during season 4.

The path of that compass is wild.  Let’s see… in 1954, John Locke gives it to Richard.  Richard goes to see young John Locke around 1960ish and asked him which object belonged to John, including the compass.  Then future Richard would give this compass to John Locke, who had just been shot, to give to 1954 Richard so he would believe that Locke was telling the truth.  And we haven’t seen this yet, but there is a reason Richard gave Locke this compass.  That is still to come.

This time travel is being done so well and weaving beautifully in with the narrative going on that it is seamless.


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