LOST S5 E5 “This Place is Death”

Image result for lost this place is death

There was a lot of things that happened here…maybe too much.  Danielle’s back story was over in five minutes as we saw her team being “infected” by the Smoke Monster at what appeared to be the mysterious Temple that Ben spoke of awhile ago.

Charlotte dies from the flashes.  It was sad, but it wasn’t because of Charlotte’s death.  She wasn’t here enough to make me care for her.  It was more of the pain that was on the face of Daniel Faraday that brought the sadness.  I have been able to connect to Faraday and Miles, but Charlotte had always been secretive and snarly so I did not feel as much for her.  She did reveal that she had been raised on the Island with the Dharma Initiative until a weird man told her and her mother to leave the Island and never to come back or she would die.  Charlotte thought that man was Faraday.

Charlotte told John to look for the well, if the Orchid wasn’t there went they arrived (because of time shifts).  Sure enough, the Orchid disappeared.  John found the well and started climbing down went another flash caused John to fall and break his leg.  The well disappeared leaving Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles alone.  Jin had made John promise he would not bring Sun back to the Island because of Charlotte’s warning that “This place is death.”

Once down in the area, John was led to the donkey wheel by Christian.  Christian confirmed what Richard had told him… that he was going to have to die.  John turned the wheel and the light happened again.

In the flash forward, not too much happened.  Sayid and Kate left angry.  Sun wanted proof of Jin not being dead.  Ben took her and Jack to Ms. Hawkins.  Desmond showed up as well.  She indicated that she was ready to tell them how to return to the Island.

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