LOST S5 E6 “316”

We start out with Jack’s eyes opening, just like the pilot episode.  Nice touch since they were back on the Island.

Jack immediately started out to rescue people as Hurley was yelling for help.  It’s like Jack is right back in his nature.

This episode was really about Jack and his own personal journey to this point in his life. Kate, Sayid, Hurley arrived at the new plane, the plane that Ms. Hawkins told them that they had to be on in order to get back to the Island, without any explanation.  Those stories are for future flashbacks/forwards.

Jack had to be able to accept everything in order to be in a place to get back.  Ms. Hawkins gave him a strange job, Jack visited his granddad and received some wisdom, and Jack had to read Locke’s suicide note.  It was all a way to give up what he was before in order to start again on the Island.

It was a way for Jack to transform himself from man of science to man of faith.

Ajira Airways Flight 316 was the flight that Ms. Hawkins said they had to be on and they had to recreate the original flight (815) as closely as they could.  Destiny was playing a part here as well as Sayid was arrested and being escorted by what looked like some kind of agent (although we know she is not).   Hurley showed bu and bought out the remaining 77 seats on the flight, preventing a bunch of innocent bystanders from getting on the plane.  I really liked that part as it fits very much into Hurley’s character.

And flying the plane happened to be Frank Lapidus.  His line of “This plane isn’t going to Guam” after seeing the Oceanic 6 onboard was great.

As the turbulence hit, there was a white flash much like the time shifts and Jack, Hurley and Kate wound up in water on the Island.  The rest of the plane was nowhere to be seen.  Then, shockingly, driving up in a Dharma Initiative van, dressed in a Dharma jump suit, was Jin.

Lots of areas where we need to see what happened and how things wound up where they wound up.

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