Okay, I love “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson.

But seeing the trailers for the new film Skyscraper had me making the jokes, like everyone else, that a better title for this would be Sky Hard… or maybe Die-Scraper.  To say that this film may share an idea or two with Die Hard is not stretching credibility at all.

For the record, Skyscraper does not come anywhere close to the brilliance that was Die Hard.

That said, I had a lot of fun with the movie.

Yes, there are things that happen that defy physics or logic, but I was able to not think about those things much and just enjoy the Rock kicking butt and being all heroic.

Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) is a former FBI agent who had to turn to private security after a tense standoff resulted in his loss of a leg.  A buddy got Sawyer a job checking security for the newest tallest building in the world (3X the Empire State Building) found in Hong Kong.  Unfortunately, terrorists are targeting the building for their own purposes and they set the building on fire, trapping Sawyer’s family above the flames.

Johnson is great in the role.  Sure there is not a ton that is demanded of him, but I truly believe that Johnson has that performance in him if someone gives him a chance.  Neve Campbell as Sawyer’s wife Susan is also great here, harking back to the days when Neve Campbell was a kick ass in movies.

The action scenes are really tight and cool, filled with excitement…especially those that play off the height of the building. I have heard of people who were scare of heights really being affected by some of the scenes.  I was fine myself, but I can understand the thought process.

The villain of this movie was a major step down.  The terrorists here are just the bland, villainous type.  Certainly no one anywhere near the level of Hans Gruber from Die Hard shows up in Skyscraper and is one reason why this movie, while it may aspire to be Die Hard, falls way short.

It looked really good, with the special effects and the fire and such.  The Rock’s scenes always worked in appearance and never did I get the feeling that they were on a green screen.

Though the film is not this generation’s Die Hard, Skyscraper is fun and exciting.  Unless you get hung up on some of the improbability of the situations, you should have a good time with The Rock saving his family.

3.4 stars

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