LOST S5 E9 “Namaste”

Who was president of the United States in 1977?  Hurley wondered this.  One of many time travel questions someone from the future may ask.

In “Namaste,” Sawyer, known here as James LaFleur, has integrated Jack, Hurley and Kate into the Dharma Initiative after they arrived on a plane.  However, the plane itself was not in 1977. It was in present day as Sun, Ben and Lapidus wound up crash landing on the runway built during the beginning of season three.  It is a cool throw back to a previous question and it makes one wonder if the writers had the plan for this runway use back when they had it in season three.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all wonderful for the passengers of Ajira 316.  Frank’s co-pilot took a tree branch through the chest.  Ben took an oar in the face from Sun, which knocked him out and allowed Sun to steal the boat to go back to the Island.  And Sayid wound up in 1977, but gets caught and mistaken for a “Hostile.”

Sawyer is able to manipulate things to get Sayid moved to the barracks, but he is still not sure what they are going to do.

We see a bunch of appearances…

Christian… shows Sun that Kate, Hurley and Jack are in a photo of new recruits from 1977 Dharma Initiative.  We heard the Monster sound before Christian showed up so it is possible that he is the Smoke Monster.

Radzinsky.  This is the name that Desmond gave for the Swan partner of Kelvin before Desmond arrived.  Radzinsky wound up killing himself in the Swan.

Pierre Chang.  aka Dr. Marvin Candle.  aka Dr. Halliwax.  The face of the Dharma Initiative orientation video is here and is a scientist on the Island.

Ethan.  The baby that Amy gave birth to… she and Horace named Ethan, who would grow up to become an Other and hang Charlie from a tree.

Ben.  Young Ben from “The Man Behind the Curtain” brought captive Sayid a sandwich, which is also ironic considering what happens to a captive Ben at the hands of Sayid in the future.

Jack is getting a clear picture of Jim LaFleur, who is different than the old Sawyer.  However, LaFleur did slip back into old habits when dealing with Jack and the others.  For now it seemed that Jack is happy to let LaFleur handle everything.  How long will that last?


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