LOST S5 E14 “The Variable”

We get some background on Daniel Faraday in “The Variable” and we get an exceptional performance from Jeremy Davies as all Hell is breaking loose at New Otherton.

Faraday returned and immediately started stirring the pot.  He told Pierre Chang that he needed to evacuate the Island and that he was from the future.  He told Jack and the others that they did not belong here.  He came up with a wild plan involving Jughead.  Then he walked right into the “Hostiles” camp demanding to see Eloise.

Who then shot him.

Mother shooting son to death is one thing, but then you realize that Eloise Hawkins pushed Daniel to follow the mathematics/science path of learning instead of piano playing as he had wanted.  He encouraged him to go to take up an offer from Widmore to go to the Island.  She did all this knowing that this path would lead to Daniel being killed by her own hand.

Thanks, ma.

Daniel came back with a theory that humans were the Variable in the whole “Whatever happened, happened” idea and that he was going to try and fix things by using Jughead to blow up the electromagnetic pocket of energy at the Swan.  Faraday told Jack and Kate that, he believed that if he would do this, that the Hatch would never be created and that Oceanic 815 would never have crashed.

In other words, he was trying to change history.

However, I am not certain that he really believed that.  I think it is completely plausible that the reason he wants to detonate Jughead at the Swan site is that the bomb going off was always what happened and would be referred to as the “incident” from then on.

If he really believed that this would work, why did he go to the young Charlotte and tell her to make sure she and her mommy left the Island?  Just covering his bases?  Or is it more than that.  Older Charlotte was dying, she told Daniel that he spoke to her in the 70s.  Couldn’t he have proven that the past could be changed in just that manner, by not speaking to Charlotte?  It seems easier to accept that then trying to detonate an A-bomb.

I am still under the belief that Jughead was always the “incident” referred to in the Swan orientation tape and everything just happened that way.

Meanwhile, the crew of our future fighters were feeling the collapse of their little world tightening on them.

Everything is building toward another huge season finale.

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