LOST S5 E13 “Some Like It Hoth”

“Some Like It Hoth” is another episode that many people found weaker and unnecessary, but that I liked quite a bit.

It is a lighter episode featuring a Miles back story and the pairing of Miles with Hurley.  Hurley episodes may not tie directly into the bigger story going on, but that does not mean that they are not rousingly entertaining.

This episode conformed that Miles is the adult son version of Pierre Chang, aka Dr. Marvin Candle from the orientation videos.  Miles believed that his father never cared about him and that he dumped him and his mother when he was just a child. This is true, but, with some of the evidence shown in this episode (specifically Pierre reading to little baby Miles), it would not be out of the question that Pierre sent his family away because he had knowledge of what was going to happen and wanted them safe.

Any time Miles and Hurley were together in the Dharma van, the dialogue really popped and the connection was obvious.  Yes, Miles was yet another character with daddy issues, but that does not mean that he is not a worthwhile character.

I really enjoyed the banter between Miles and Hurley when they were comparing notes about talking to dead people.  Hurley claiming that Miles is just jealous because Hurley’s power was batter than is was a hoot.

Then there was the fact that Pierre Chang was really enjoying his conversation with Hurley even though he was desperately trying to keep his composure.  Those very slight smiles Pierre had showed how much he was enjoying Hurley.  I mean… everybody loves Hurley.

Hurley’s constant allusions to the Star Wars universe was also fun.  Comparing Miles to Luke Skywalker and Pierre to Vader actually does work somewhat.  The idea that Hurley wanted to re-write The Empire Strikes Back is very funny.  Ewoks suck, dude.

Hurley is so wise.

The scene where Pierre comes out and see Miles and said, “Miles, I need you” and Miles responded with “You do?” was emotionally strong.  You could hear in those two words how much Miles needed to hear those words from his father. Yes, Pierre did not mean them in that context, but it peeled back a layer on Miles and showed just how much getting to know his father could mean to him.

And then, there was Daniel Faraday back on the sub.  I was thinking that he was the person who designed the Lamppost in LA.  Chang said the sub had scientists back from Ann Arbor, which was where the DaGroots were from  makes one wonder if Faraday was at the heart of a lot of the research for the Dharma Initiative.

Things are going to get hairy moving forward.


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