LOST S5 E16/17 “The Incident”

After several years of hearing his name, we finally get to meet Jacob.  And he dies.

I have a feeling that we’ll still be seeing Jacob as the story moves along.

We find out that the John Locke who has been running around the Island is not the John Locke who was strangled by Ben and who was always demanding that people not tell him what he couldn’t do.  Dead is dead after all.

We meet the Man in Black, who within the first few minutes of the episode admits to wanting to kill Jacob and that he was looking for a “loophole” to do it.  Apparently, the Man in Black has been looking for that loophole for a long time, since the statue of Taweret was in one piece during the scene we meet them in.

That statue of Taweret was important in another way. Turns out that Jacob’s home is found inside the foot of the statue.  Richard led John right up to the entrance, even though he did not want to.  Ben came along, despite Richard not wanting that to happen either.  Locke had told Ben earlier that Ben would be the one to kill Jacob.  That must have been the loophole.  We had heard about how there were rules with Ben and Charles Widmore and being unable to kill each other was one of them.  The Man in Black and Jacob must have the same deal.

In flashbacks, we saw Jacob inserting himself in the life of several of the Oceanic 815 survivors over the years.  He was at the funeral of James Ford’s parents.  He stopped Kate from shoplifting a lunch case.  Jacob was outside the surgery that Jack performed where he counted to five for the first time.  He was outside the jail when Hurley was released after being arrested for murder.  Jacob was there when John was thrown out of the 8th story window by his father.  He was at Jin and Sun’s wedding.  Jacob was everywhere.

In fact, the Man in Black implied that Jacob had brought the boat that they saw in that opening scene.  How Jacob was supposed to have “brought” them there and why… is still a question.

Since we just met Jacob, it was shocking when Ben buried that knife in his chest several times, and then Locke kicked him into the fire.

Back in 1977, we had a rush to the Swan site where Jack planned on dropping the bomb and changing the future.  I wrote in the last review how I believe that the bomb WAS the incident, and, in this episode, Miles put in words the same idea as I had.  I saw nothing here that changed that concept for me.

I have to say though, some of the motivations of the group were questionable.  Juliet changed from “we have to stop Jack” to “we have to let Jack do this” without really much explanation.  Juliet’s questions over Sawyer’s feelings for her got old. He had shown her everything she should have needed.  She was too upset over “looks” he may have made at Kate.

Kate, Sawyer both changed their opinions on what was going to happen.  The final action scene was exceptional.  The best scene of the episode, however, was the Sawyer and Juliet scene where Sawyer desperately tried to keep Juliet from falling down the hole in the electromagnetic Swan site.  Tears.  Tears everywhere.

Of course, Juliet did not die from the fall.  She used a stone to detonate Jughead beside her.

And the screen went white.



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