LOST S6 E3 “What Kate Does”

Time is flying as the show LOST winds down to its final.  In “What Kate Does”, a toss back to the “What Kate Did” title from season 2, we get the return of Claire Littleton to prominence in the series.

First, we see her in the flash-sideways, where she was in the cab that Kate hijacked to escaped the airport.  After dumping her off, Kate found Claire’s bag full of baby stuff and felt bad so she returned to the scene of the crime to find Claire.

Kate took her to the people who were going to adopt the baby only to find that couple had split up and the wife was in no condition to be considering adopting a baby.  Claire started having contractions and Kate rushed her to the hospital.  We see Dr. Goodspeed (Ethan) there and he said Claire could have the baby, but she wants to hold off.

Claire and Kate bond over lying to the police and that was really about it for the flash-sideways.

On Island, I don’t understand why the Others do not just tell Jack and his group the truth.  Why do they have to mask it in lies and mysteries?  Everything could have been avoided if they just had told them the truth.  Instead of seeing them as captures, the could see them as friends who are protecting them as candidates. That idea is still to come.

This episode Dogen tortures Sayid to see if he has been “infected” and when he finds out, he wants Jack to give Sayid a pill, but he was mysterious and secretive about it.  He wouldn’t tell Jack what was in it, and … well, he just tortured Sayid.  I have no idea why Jack wouldn’t trust him.  Jack did not give Sayid the pill, and in fact, took it himself.  Dogen desperately made Jack spit it out and admitted that the pill was poison.

Dogen tells Jack that Sayid has been “claimed” and that they have seen it before…from Claire.

At this point we see Claire saving Jin from the Others by shooting Aldo (dumb ass who responds with anger, what do you expect) and the other guy who was a decent guy.  Claire appeared to have taken the place of Rousseau as wild Island woman, even going as far as setting several traps like Rousseau used to do.

Claire has returned big time to the show after being absent since she disappeared in season 4. At this point, she does not seem to be a great mother type for Aaron, but we’ll see where this goes.

Josh Holloway wins the best scenes of the episode as he sat on the dock and blamed himself for Juliet’s death.  He remembered talking Juliet out of leaving on the sub and he knew that if he had not done that, she would still be alive.  James has shown a remarkable growth over the years of the show, but he seemed as if he might be regressing back into Sawyer.

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