LOST S6 E6 “Sundown”

Image result for lost sundown

The Others meet their end at Sundown.

The infected Sayid delivered them a message from Locke.  Come and join him, leave the Island or die.

This was after Sayid attempted to stab Locke in the chest with a dagger given to him by Dogen.  Locke reacted very calmly to the assassination attempt, simply explaining to Sayid that Dogen had sent Sayid here intending on Locke killing him.  Locke, instead, made a deal with everyone’s favorite Iraqi.

Sayid delivered the message and promptly found Dogen.  After a few minutes of learning about Dogen’s deal with Jacob, Sayid grabbed him and drowned him in the same pond that they “saved” Sayid in.  Follow this up with a quick slash of Lennon’s throat, and Sayid had completely gone evil.  The look Sayid gave Ben a few minutes later told the story remarkably well.

Thankfully, Ilana, Frank, Sun and Ben arrived just in time to rescue Miles.  Kate went to find Claire, but she realized that Claire is a bit nutso.  It was not before Kate had told Claire that she had Aaron and had raised him for the last three years.  Kate walked out with Sayid and Claire to Locke’s people, which turned an eye from the old Smokie.

The Temple was devastated by the Smoke Monster and the bodies were scattered everywhere.

The flash-sideways were okay this episode, focusing on Sayid and his attempt to be a good man.  Sayid’s plight was echoed both in the flash-sideways and the Island, and in both instances, Sayid failed in his attempt.  I would guess that we get more Sayid in flash-sideways since he found Jin bound and gagged in the freezer after he dispatched Keemy and his foolish men.  Sayid is clearly the biggest kick ass character on this show.

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