LOST S6 E8 “Recon”

Who knew we really all wanted a Sawyer-Miles police procedural?

The flash-sideways made us take a look at a different path that Sawyer could have taken.  There was not much different about our favorite redneck except that fact that he is a police detective here instead of a con man, partnered up with Miles.

I would watch Sawyer and Miles as LAPD Detectives.  It just sounds awesome.

Meanwhile, Island Sawyer is paddling the boat over to Hydra Island, by request of Locke, for recon.  And lo and behold, there was Charles Widmore.  setting up sonic pylons like those that surround the barracks.  Plus, the remainder of the survivors of Ajira 316 are all dead.

Sawyer worked out a deal with Widmore to bring Locke to him so he could kill him.  On the other hand, Sawyer is setting John up as well.  His plan is to let the two of them kill each other while he and Kate escape on the submarine.

By the way, there is a locked room on the submarine that they trotted Sawyer past that obviously contained something important.

This episode also included Claire jumping Kate and trying to stab her to death.  Locke stopped Claire from succeeding, but the entire situation shook Kate.  Locke told Kate a story about his own mother, who was crazy, in order to point out that Aaron now had a crazy mother, and to imply that Kate needed to be aware of that.

Recon was more of a set up episode on the Island, though Sawyer-Miles detective show would be a hit.


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