LOST S6 E10 “The Package”

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It always seems that LOST follows up an exceptional episode with an average to below average one.  It happened with The Constant, Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Man from Tallahassee and now it has happened with Ab Aeterno.

“The Package” was a story following Sun and Jin in the flash-sideways world.  Couple of interesting tidbits.  They are not married.  Keemy and Mikhail are connected.  We find out how Jin got in that freezer.  Keemy was supposed to kill Jin for Paik (and Jin thanked him for it).

On Island, Sun hit her head running from Locke and she suddenly forgot how to speak English.  My guess is that her slash-sideways world was bleeding through here, but it felt like a bit of unimportant, maybe even lazy writing.

Jin is snatched by Widmore’s group, apparently to show him pictures of Ji Yeon.  Widmore wants more than that.

Locke has a confrontation with Widmore.  Widmore seems to be on Team keep Smokie on the Island, but I can not see him as a hero.  Especially after they bring out a drugged up Desmond from the sub.  Kidnapping?

Sayid told Locke that he feels nothing.  No anger.  No joy.  Nothing.  Almost as if he is dead.

Richard came back and told the group that they had to destroy the airplane to keep the Smoke Monster on the Island.

It felt like a place holder of an episode, that just dropped a few ideas and put things into place for what is coming.

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