LOST S6 E11 “Happily Ever After”

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I love Desmond-centric episodes.  They never fail to be awesome.

Desmond is such an important character in the world of LOST that when he was dragged out of that locked room on the sub, you knew things were going to pick up.

Of course, throwing him into that electromagnet turbine sure seemed an easy way to make this trip to the Island a short one for everybody’s favorite Scot.  However, Desmond showed once again that he was special, shaking off the blast as if it were nothing.

Whatever Widmore’s plans for Desmond are, it seemed that Des doesn’t mind any more.  The flash-sideways world, including his meeting with Penny, apparently has bolstered his confidence.

Love is becoming a major theme in this flash-sideways universe, and it is somehow connected to death.  Charlie’s near death experience on the plane led to him seeing flashes of Claire.  And Desmond’s car crash, thanks to Charlie, made him start remembering some important details.

But shaking hands with Penny, his constant, sent Desmond right back to the Island and the “real” world.

So when Desmond came back to consciousness with Penny, he had some kind of epiphany involving the others on the Oceanic 815 and he wanted a list.

It was great seeing Charlie and Daniel again this episode.  They have been missed.  It also seemed as if that tricky Eloise (Hawkins) Widmore knows more than she is letting on.

So now with Sayid having Desmond, who knows what is coming next.

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