LOST Season Six Review

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The final season.  You know, I liked this final season more on this watch than I did the first time. Maybe it was because I knew what the flash-sideways world was so I was able to look at it like it should have been looked at.  I did not have my own preconceived notions or expectations about what was happening that I was able to enjoy it more.  I also saw some new things that I missed the first time through.

Best Episode The End.  I don’t care what anybody says, The End was an emotional thrill-ride that was as satisfying as could be.  If you wanted them to list off all the answers that you don’t understand in a big exposition drop, then you’re gonna be disappointed.  If you want an awesome conclusion to the story about the Oceanic 815 survivors started six years prior, then you probably loved it like I did.  Runner-UpAb Aeterno

Best FlashbackRichard, Ab Aeterno.  Richard’s story finally told was the best flashback, forward or sideways of season six.  It confirmed a lot of the speculations that we had about Richard and it told a wonderful romantic story as well.  Runner-UpAcross the Sea

Best PerformanceTerry O’Quinn.  Terry O’Quinn was remarkable all year long as he was now playing a new character and there were moments where he was spectacularly chilling.  There were other times where he seemed like our old friend Locke.  He played the layers to this villain whom you understood since the moment you found out who he was.  Runner-Up Josh Holloway

Biggest JerkJohn Locke/Man in Black. I think it has to be because, it the end, he tried to murder the entire group by blowing up the submarine and he succeeded in killing Sayid, Jin and Sun.  Runner-UpCharles Widmore

Best DeathSun and Jin.  This one was a heart-breaker, but beautifully done.  Sun and Jin had been separated for most of the last two seasons, off the Island to across time.  They reunited and then, before you knew it, they were drowning.  Such a tragic end for the Kwons.  Runner-Up Jack Shephard

Biggest Surprise: Desmond hits Locke with his car.  Desmond is our hero.  He is here to help everybody…wait…what are you doing???  Stop!  Desmond plowing down a man in a wheelchair seemed to be going opposite of what he had intended. Yet our sneaky Scot apparently knew what he was doing.  Runner-UpSawyer’s a cop?

Funniest Moment: Ilana blows up.  Like Dr. Arzt before her, Ilana needs to be more careful when handling dynamite when the Island is through with you.  Runner-UpFrank Lapidus reactions

Best MomentEveryone meets at the church. The final scene where the group gets together and gets ready to move on is a beautiful ending for these characters story.  Everything built this season to this moment and it big not disappoint. Runner-upJack gives the Island to Hurley.


That is the season 6 review.  I plan on doing a season 1-6 review and expand it a bit and I will be listing the LOST episodes from worst to best as well.

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