LOST Seasons 1-6 Best and Worst


The Best and Worst of the entire series of LOST.

I love LOST.  Rewatching the show this summer was a areal treat and I was able to find surprises throughout and to analyze situations and characters in a different light.  I am anxious to get this out because I may try and do a LOST fan fiction that I have been thinking about before school starts up in mid-August.

The list of the episodes in order from lowest to best will hopefully get completed soon as well.

Best and Worst Episode:  I am saving these for the complete list of LOST episodes.  My choices are not uncommon among other lists of the same.

Best CharacterBen Linus.  So many choices.  This could legitimately be Locke or Jack or Desmond or Kate or Hurley or Sayid.  Ben, however, goes through such a dramatic shift in his character over the years and suffers such pain and loss because of his commitment to the Island only to be rebuked by Jacob…Michael Emerson really brought so much humanity to what could have been a one-note villain that LOST would not have been the same without Ben.

Worst CharacterAchara.  She made no sense.  She was the reason Jack had tattoos but it was nonsensical. She appeared in one episode and never heard of again.

Biggest Waste of a Character Matthew Abaddon.  He should have been an huge character, but he just never got his feet under him and he was dispatched way too easy.  He went from a mysterious enigma to a true waste of time.

Best coupleDesmond and Penny.  This really became the heart of the show.  By the time we reached the Constant, I wanted this couple to get together more than anyone.  They were magical and perfection.

Worst coupleNikki and Paolo They were one of the bigger failures of the show, even though I loved the episode Expose where they met their fate.  They were a response to some criticism that the background members of Oceanic 815 never had any story.  So…we got Nikki and Paolo.

Most tragic couple Jin and Sun.  Easy.  They were separated most of the time.  They wound up dying together in Widmore’s sub, never to see their daughter again.

Best DeathCharlie Hume.  There are a lot of great choices here too but none of the deaths had the impact on the show as Charlie’s demise in season three.  Charlie’s sacrifice was all done to get Claire off the Island.  And she does leave.

Biggest Surprise DeathDr. Leslie Arzt.  He was supposed to be at the Black Rock because he knew how to handle dynamite.  Since Hurley had to pick pieces of Arzt out of his hair several episodes later, Leslie must have been exaggerating his abilities.

Best Character Centric episodesDesmond.  Every flashback episode for Desmond Hume was a great hit.  His story was vital to the story of LOST and showed us what a wonderful character Desmond was.

Best Quote“If we can’t live together, we’re gonna die alone.” -Jack Shephard.  This quote was reused multiple times and even comes into play in the finale.  There were a lot of great quotes, but this one really informed on character (Jack) and plot.

Best SeasonSeason One.  This was a real tough choice as well as Seasons two, four and five had to be in consideration, but the elite first season really put this show on the map.

Worst FatherAnthony Cooper.  On a show with tons of characters with daddy issues, Anthony Cooper is easily the worst.  He threw his son out of an 8th story window and crippled him.

Best FatherPierre Chang.  Although Miles did not know, Dr. Chang sacrificed his happiness with his wife and son to save them from what was going to happen on the Island.

Worst MotherEloise Hawkins.  Yes, she sent her son, Daniel Faraday, to the Island knowing that he would go back in time and that she would unknowingly shoot him.

Best MotherCassidy Phillips.  She got pregnant with Sawyer, but there is no evidence that Clementine was anything but wonderfully loved and taken care of.

Best animalVincent.  Another no-brainer here as Vincent makes the entire series and is involved in the first scene and the final scene.

Best Tail Section CharacterMr. Eko.  I would have liked more with Mr. Eko, but he was clearly the most interesting and compelling character to come out of the tail section.

Best Freighter characterDaniel Faraday.  I really love Miles too, but Faraday was the most interesting and important character to come off that freighter.  He led us to understand the time travel as well as played a huge role in saving Desmond.

Best ActorTerry O’Quinn.  O’Quinn was always brilliant in his performance as John Locke or the creature that took John Locke’s place.  While there were other great actors on the show, O’Quinn gave the consistently most layered performance.

Best Actress: Elizabeth Mitchell.  I hated Juliet for a long time, which is what we were supposed to do and then when we needed to love her, Mitchell turned it around.  She broke your heart when she died and melted it again when reunited with James.

That’s all I have.  Episodes will be next…


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