Mission Impossible: Fallout

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The latest film in the Mission Impossible franchise, Fallout is one freaking white-knuckle thrill ride with insanity ruling the day and action everywhere.

Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, leading his IMF team on a mission to recover three plutonium cores that they had lost in a failed mission.  The government is having trouble trusting Hunt so they send CIA Agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) to keep an eye on him.

Fallout is a true sequel to Rogue Nation, the fifth film in the franchise, and it would be a wise choice to have seen that movie to understand what is going on here.  Most of the Mission Impossible films have been basically stand alone/self-contained stories of the same group of characters, but this definitely feels like the second part of Rogue Nation.  That is not a complaint, mind you, but if you have not seen Rogue nation, there are some characters and situations that you may have a difficult time understanding.

The remainder of the time is Tom Cruise doing insane stunts and providing unreal action set pieces.  There is a lot of Tom Cruise running in Fallout so if you love that trope, this will please you.  There is a chance involving motorcycles and one with cars and one on foot and one in helicopters and… man, there is a ton of exciting stunt work.

Famously, Tom Cruise injured himself doing one of the stunts (which was left in the film) and you cannot help but be impressed with the level of commitment from one of the most successful actors in history.  There is no reason why we need Tom Cruise to hang off of a helicopter or learn how to fly a helicopter himself, but he does it anyway and that should be respected.

To its credit, the film does not just settle for mind-blowing action scenes.  There are several real moments of characterization and growth within here as well.  Everybody does a great job with their performances. Ving Rhames has a couple of specifically great scenes here.  Simon Pegg provides just the right amount of humor without pushing it.  Rebecca Ferguson returns and provides a wonderful counter balance to Ethan Hawk.

Henry Cavill is fine here (I am trying to avoid making a comment on the mustache) but I am not sure if the twist involving him was meant to be a twist at all.  If it was meant to be a surprise, the film does a poor job of keeping it.  Personally, I think the film lets the audience in on the twist early and kept it from Ethan and his crew.

It is 147 minutes long, but it did not feel that way.  It was so packed full that I never once felt bored or as if something wasn’t welcome.

My only criticism is that there are a couple of moments where what happened was so over the top that it stretched my willingness to believe (in particular, a scene with a metal hook and the helicopter).

Mission Impossible: Fallout is a fantastic movie with thrills from start to finish.  It has Tom Cruise at the top of his game and takes solid use of the remarkable cast around him.

Choose to accept this mission… you won’t regret it.

4.85 stars

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