Three Identical Strangers

There has been some really good documentaries this year and Three Identical Strangers is yet another one.  It is a story that is so unbelievable that your jaw will drop and you will shake your head.

In 1980. three men, triplets, who were separated at birth and all adopted by different parents, found each other in an amazing coincidences.  The story of the 19-year olds became a huge nationwide story and they became famous.  However, questions about what exactly happened bugged the boys and they wanted to find out the answers.

I don’t want to spoil anything here because part of the amazement of Three Identical Strangers was that I did not know anything about the story going in.  It really is a shocking story with a dark turn that is extremely emotional.

The film focuses on the nature vs. nurture argument that has been debated for years.  Director Tim Wardle reveals his story beautifully, slowly pacing the tale to the point where you can hardly believe this isn’t a made up story.

I can’t really go into anything else without revealing anything so I am going to cut the review short.  See the movie.

4.5 stars


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