LOST Episodes Ranked

Here it is.  The official EYG LOST rankings of episodes #113 to #1.  This has been a fun month or so rewatching this EYG Hall of Fame series that redefined so much about television.  Placing this list in order is very difficult because there were very few poor episodes of LOST.  Most of them were really good to exceptional and fell together.  Because of that, some episodes that feel like they should be a higher number may be lower than expected.  Anyway…here we go.

#113.  S3 E9 Stranger in a Strange Land.  This is the easiest of the episodes to rank because it is clearly the worst LOST episode.  Jack and his tats.

#112.  S 2 E11 Fire + Water.  Charlie dealing with his drug addiction way too late and doing things way out of character.  This is the birth of Dark Charlie, but it thankfully only lasted a few episodes.

#111.  S1 E13 Hearts & Minds.  Boone is in love with Shannon and Locke gives him some weird-o commune drugs to make him see what the Island wants him to see… which is Shannon getting killed by the Smoke Monster.

#110.  S1 E22 Born to Run. Kate enlists Sun’s help to try and poison one of the guys on the raft so they cannot leave and Kate can continue to run.

#109.  S2 E5 …And Found.  Sun loses her wedding ring and we meet Jae for the first time.

#108.  S6 E10  The Package.  Desmond is brought to the Island in Charles Widmore’s sub.  Sun hits her head and forgets how to speak English.

#107.  S4 E6  The Other Woman.  Juliet has a relationship with the married Goodwin, and Ben doesn’t like that.  This is one of the few episodes where Ben shows some kind of crazy stalker desire for Juliet.

#106.  S2 E16. The Whole Truth.  A Sun and Jin flashback episode where Sun finds out that she is pregnant.  Jin wants the whole truth and Sun lies to him, though we do not know that she is lying.

#105.  S1 E3 Tabula Rasa.  The first flashback episode as we learn more about Kate and Mars.  Sawyer shoots Mars but misses the heart forcing Jack to put him out of his misery.

#104.  S3 E1 A Tale of Two Cities.  Jack, Kate and Sawyer are brought to Hydra Island and we are introduced to Juliet.

#103.  S1 E21 The Greater Good Boone’s funeral and Locke returns leading to trouble.  Shannon tries to shoot John because she thinks he killed Boone.

#102.  S1 E6 House of the Rising Sun.  Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English as she tries to protect Jin from a misunderstanding.

#101.  S2 E22 Three Minutes.  Michael’s trip after Walt in detail.  He is captured by the Others and offered a deal that if he finds a way to release “Henry” that he and Walt would be reunited.

#100.  S6 E3 What Kate Does.  Kate escapes Mars again in her flash-sideways and hijacks a taxi with Claire inside.  However, Kate does not run and returns to help Claire.

#99.  S4 E10 Something Nice Back Home.  Jack’s appendix needs to be removed which falls to Juliet to do.

#98.  S1 E12 Whatever the Case May Be.  Kate discovers a pond and in the pond is some more wreckage of 815, including the case carried by Mars.  Inside there is something that Kate must have back.

#97.  S5 E5 This Place is Death.  The group continues to flash through time on the Island and John is ready to do what he can to stop it.

#96.  S1 E15 Homecoming.  Claire returns suffering from amnesia after being grabbed by Ethan.

#95.  S1 E5 White Rabbit.  Jack chases after the vision of his father who leads him to water and Adam and Eve.

#94.  S3 E2 The Glass Ballerina.  Sun flashback episode where her infidelity is revealed.  Jack and Ben make a deal over his back surgery.

#93.  S4 E8 Meet Kevin Johnson.  The Island is not through with Michael yet and so Michael is pulled back from the edge of suicide to find himself on the freighter as Ben’s spy.

#92.  S4 E2 Confirmed Dead.  We see how the characters from the freighter are recruited by Widmore.  Meanwhile, the people on the Island start to doubt the motives of the freighter crew.

#91.  S6 E5 Sundown.  Down goes the Temple.  The Smoke Monster attacks the Others at the Temple killing them all.

#90.  S1 E17 …In Translation.  The same story basically as House of the Rising Sun, but from Jin’s POV.  Someone set the raft on fire.

#89. S3 E3 Further Instructions.  John Locke living at a commune.  On Island, Locke tries to save Mr. Eko from the polar bears.

#88.  S4 E4 Eggtown.  Kate is on trial for her list of crimes after she returns as one of the Oceanic 6.

#87.  S2 E18  The Long Con.  Sawyer sets up a long con in order to get his hands on the guns and the medication.  Sawyer says there is a new sheriff in town.  This might be higher up the list if Sawyer had maintained the attitude for longer.

#86.  S2 E18 What Kate Did.  Kate blows up her “step”-father Wayne and tells her mother about it.  Mistake as she turns Kate in to police, starting her time on the run.

#85.  S3 E12 Par Avion.  Claire meets her real father Christian.  On Island, she tries to catch a migratory bird.

#84.  S3 E11  Enter 77.  Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle find a Dharma outpost with Mikhail manning it.

#83.  S2 E19  S.O.S.  Rose and Bernard flashback episode where we learn that Rose had cancer before coming to the Island, but that she was now cancer-free.

#82.  S3 E18.  D.O.C.  Juliet takes Sun to the medical Hatch to see when she conceived her baby.

#81.  S2 E15 Maternity Leave. What happened to Claire during the time that she was abducted by Ethan?  We find out here, including several tidbits about the mysterious Others.

#80.  S3 E15.  Left Behind.  Kate and Juliet wind up being handcuffed together in the jungle as the Others left them behind.

#79.  S1 E8  Confidence Man.  Sayid and Jack strap Sawyer to a tree to torture him in order to find Shannon’s asthma medication.

#78.  S5 E2 The LieThe Oceanic 6 agree that they must tell the world a lie about where they have been in order to protect their friends they left on the Island.  Hurley is very uncomfortable.

#77.  S1 E10. Raised by Another.  Claire is told by a psychic that she must be the person to raise her child or else bad things will happen.  This would also be higher on the list if the credibility of the psychic isn’t called into question.

#76.  S1 E9 Solitary.  Sayid leaves camp, ashamed about his actions against Sawyer and he finds Danielle Rousseau, the French woman.

#75.  S4 E7 Ji Yeon.  The show plays both a flash forward (Sun giving birth) and a flashback (Jin rushing to hospital for business).

#74.  S5 E6  316.  The Oceanic 6 (sans Aaron) get on the Ajira flight 316 that is heading over the window of the Island, according to Ms. Hawkins at the Lamppost station.

#73.  S5 E9 Namaste.  Sawyer arranges for Jack, Kate and Hurley to be on the sub and join the Dharma Initiative.

#72.  S6 E8 Recon.  Sawyer heads over to Hydra Island to see what he can find out about the Ajira plane.  Instead, he finds Charles Widmore.

#71.  S1 E14 Special.    Michael and Locke need to bond together in order to save Walt from a polar bear.

#70.  S2 E4 Everybody Hates Hugo. Hurley is put in charge of the food in the Hatch and fears that everybody would turn on him, just like everybody did when he won the lottery.

#69.  S5 E13 Some Like It Hoth.  Hurley and Miles have a bonding moments talking about their fathers and their super powers.  Miles reveals that Dr. Chang is his father.

#68. S1 E11 All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues.  Jack turned his father in for being drunk while he operated.  On Island, Hurley takes a census and discovered that Ethan was not on the plane.

#67.  S2 E6 Abandoned.  Shannon sees a vision of Walt.  She runs into the Tailies coming across the Island and Anna-Marie shoots her by accident.

#66.  S2 E2 Adrift.  The story of what happened to Michael and Sawyer and how they survived on the raft is told.

#65.  S5 E11 Whatever Happened, Happened.  After Sayid shot little Ben, Kate and Sawyer go to extreme measures to save the life of the child.

#64.  S3 E6 I Do.  Kate’s marriage to Kevin is shown.  Meanwhile on the Island, Jack’s plan to get Sawyer and Kate to safety is underway.

#63.  S5 E10 He’s Our You. The Others take Sayid to their “torturer” in order to get him to tell the truth.  Sayid does, but they do not believe him.

#62.  S1 E19  Deux Ex Machina.  Locke meets his real father, Anthony Cooper, who cons Locke out of his kidney.

#61.  S2 E7 The Other 48 DaysThis episode tells what happened during the first 48 days on the Island to the Tail section survivors.

#60.  S5 E4 The Little Prince.  The Island is flashing through time causing the on Island people to start to get nose bleeds.

#59.  S1 E20 Do No Harm.  Boone dies in an emotional moment.  Jack planned on amputating Boone’s leg in an effort to save him, but Boone was a “sacrifice that the Island demanded.”

#58.  S3 E4 Every Man for Himself.  In flashback, we see Sawyer con his way out of prison and we learn that Cassidy had Sawyer’s baby, Clementine.

#57.  S3 E16 One of Us.  Juliet arrives back at the survivors’ camp and is not very welcome.  Claire gets sick and Juliet is able to help her.

#56.  S2 E8 Collision.  After Ana-Lucia shot Shannon, she holds Sayid prisoner and demands supplies from Michael.

#55.  S4 E3 The Economist.  Sayid has become an assassin and he is killing people involved with Charles Widmore…all for Ben Linus!

#54.  S1 E7 The Moth. Jack gets trapped in a cave in and Charlie tries to get him out, despite suffering form withdrawals from his heroin habit.

#53.  S2 E11 The Hunting Party.  Jack, Locke, Sawyer go after Michael, who has taken off after Walt.  Kate gets captured and the Others, led by Tom, shows their strength.

#52.  S6 E13 The Last Recruit.  Sawyer leads a rebellious escape from the Locke/Smokie, but jack decides to stay on the Island and jumps off the boat.

#51.  S5 E14 The Variable.  Daniel Faraday thinks he has the answer to their time travel trouble.  He says detonate the Jughead bomb in the Swan station electromagnetic pocket.  He says that it would change the future.

#50.  S2 E21    ?.  Locke and Mr. Eko find the Pearl station and Locke loses his faith even more.

#49.  S3 E17 Catch-22.  Desmond has one of his visions of Charlie’s death, but this time, Desmond wants the vision to come true.

#48.  S6 E12 Everybody Loves Hugo In the flash-sideways, Hugo meets up with Libby and they break  out of the spell and remember.

#47.  S5 E15 Follow the Leader.  The 1977 Losties start to leave Dharma and violence erupts.  Locke starts to lead the Others to Jacob.

#46.  S6 E5 Lighthouse.  Jacob had Hurley take Jack to the Lighthouse and show him the wheel in order to get them out of the Temple.

#45.  S4 E1 The Beginning of the End.  Hurley, one of the Oceanic 6, winds up back at the mental institution when he starts seeing Charlie coming to see him.

#44.   S1 E18 Numbers.  Hurley wins the lottery by playing the mysterious numbers, 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, which brings Hugo nothing but bad lick.

#43.  S4 E12 There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1.  The first part of the season finale for season 4.  Some of the survivors are transported to the freighter. Locke and Ben head to the Orchid.

#42.  S1 E16 Outlaws.  Sawyer kills a man in Australia, mistakenly believing that it was the real Sawyer.  On the Island, Sawyer and Kate hunt a boar that seems as if it has a grudge with Sawyer.

#41.  S2 E20  Two for the Road.  Michael returned to the camp and winds up shooting Libby and killing Ana-Lucia in order to help “Henry” escape.

#40.  S2 E1 Man of Science, Man of Faith.  Locke and Jack argue over the Hatch.  Locke eventually heads on down and we meet Desmond for the first time.

#39.  S3 E5 The Cost of Living.  Mr. Eko confronts the Smoke Monster and gets killed by the smoke.

#38.  S2 E14  One of Them.  We meet “Henry” for the first time, trapped in one of Rousseau’s traps.  Hurley and Sawyer hunt a tree frog.

#37. S4 E11 Cabin Fever.  We see the early life of John Locke including the never aging Richard coming to see the prematurely born Locke.

#36.  S1 E23 Exodus, Part 1.  We arrive at the Black Rock for dynamite to blow open the Hatch.  The raft starts on its journey.

#35.  S2 E17 Lockdown.  A buzzer goes off causing the Swan station to go into lockdown.  John’s legs get pinned under the blast doors and Henry helps.

#34.  S3 E21 Greatest Hits.  Charlie remembers the best moments of his life as he prepares to head down to the Looking Glass on a suicide mission.

#33.  S3 E7 Not in Portland.  Juliet gets recruited by the Others to come to the Island.  In present time, Jack completes Ben surgery and Kate and Sawyer escape after Juliet shoots Danny.

#32.  S2 E10 The 23rd Psalm.  Mr. Eko confronts the Smoke Monster and we get the best look at the “security system” yet.  The Smoke Monster leaves Mr.Eko alone.

#31.  S2 E18  Dave.  Hurley starts to hallucinate on the Island, seeing the imaginary friend he had while in the mental institution.

#30.  S5 E1 Because You Left.  Jack and Ben try to reunite the Oceanic 6 and convince them to return to the Island.

#29.  S6 E4 The Substitute.  In the flash-sideways world, Locke tries to come to balance with his paralysis and exactly what he “can’t do.”

#28.  S1 E24/25 Exodus, Part 2.  Part two of  the first season finale, where Locke blows open the hatch and Danielle kidnaps Aaron.

#27.  S3 E19 The Brig.  John Locke comes and gets Sawyer so he can kill Anthony Cooper, who is now mysteriously on the Island.

#26.  S5 E12 Dead is Dead.  Ben summons the Smoke Monster and is judged for his allowing Alex to be killed.

#25.  S6 E16 What They Died For.  The penultimate episode of LOST where the ghost of Jacob comes to the remaining candidates and answers their questions.

#24.  S5 E3 Jughead In their flashing around time. John, Faraday, Miles, Sawyer end up in the 50s and come to the Others camp.  The Others have a bomb.

#23.  S3 E14 Expose. Paolo and Nikki’s flashback episode where we find out that they are diamond thieves and their own selfishness leads to them being buried alive.  Many fans dislike this episode, but to me, it is one of the best.

#22.  S2 E3 Orientation.  We get a chance to see the first orientation video, this one for the Swan, where you have to keep pushing the button to save the world.

#21.  S6 E15 Across the Sea.  The origin story of Jacob and the Man in Black.  Mother finds the pregnant woman, helps her give birth, takes the twins and kills her.  This is another regularly hated episode that I believe is really strong.

#20.  S5 E8 LaFleur.  We see how Sawyer, Juliet, Jin and Miles become part of the Dharma Initiative and we see Sawyer talk to the never aging Richard.

#19.  S6 E7 Dr. Linus Ben has the desire for power in the flash-sideways, but will he sacrifice Alex’s future to get it?  This is very much a parallel to what happened on the Island and Ben makes the right choice this time.

#18.  S6 E1/2 LA X.  It seems that Oceanic Flight 815 landed safely at the airport in LA, but there are some strange differences.  Then, how are they all still back on the Island, now in present day?

#17.  S1 E4 Walkabout.  Don’t tell John Locke what he can’t do!  The flashback shows John trying to go on his Australian walkabout but being denied because he is paralyzed.  Shocking surprise since we know Locke on the Island can walk fine.

#16.  S3 E10 Tricia Tanaka is Dead.  A funny Hurley flashback episode.  On the Island, Hurley finds an old Dharma Initiative van (the one with Ben Linus’s dead father in it) and decides that they need a win and they have to get it running. This features some of the best Sawyer-Jin dialogue of the series.

#15.  S5 E7 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham.  We see how John Locke, after failing to get any of the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island, winds up in the coffin.  Ben killed him!  And that was after Ben talked John out of doing it.  A truly sad end for one of the best characters on LOST.

#14.  S3 E20 The Man Behind the Curtain.  We find out the back story of Ben Linus, including the fact that he was not born on the Island as he had always said.  We also learn that he, along with the Others, was responsible for the mass murder of the Dharma Initiative.

#13.  S4 E9 The Shape of Things to Come.  This tells us what happened to Ben after he turned the donkey wheel and wound up in Tunisia.  He ends the episode face to face with Widmore and told him he was going to kill his daughter.

#12 S2 E23/24 Live Together, Die Alone.  The Others capture Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer.  Meanwhile, John has locked himself inside the Hatch and has decided that the button would no longer be pushed.  Desmond discovered that he accidentally crashed Oceanic 815.

#11.  S6 E14 The Candidate.  Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Sun, Hurley, Sayid, and Lapidus steal the submarine and try to escape only to realize too late that it was a trap from the Man in Black.  This is the episode that saw the deaths of Sayid, as well as Jin and Sun.

#10.  S6 E11 Happily Ever After.  Desmond Hume has everything he ever wanted in the flash-sideways, except for love.  Fortunately, there is Charlie Pace here to show him the flashes of another world.  One where love is what is important.  Too bad Charlie had to drive Desmond’s car into the water to make the Scot see.  Another wonderful Desmond and Penny scene here as well.

#9.  S3 E13 The Man form Tallahassee.  John Locke was paralyzed, but we did not know how.  This episode we found out.  When John is approached about Anthony Cooper, he goes to try and stop his father from conning someone else.  Cooper shoved John out of an eighth floor window.  Locke’s very own father tried to kill his son.  It is no wonder Locke was suffering from such a depression when we first see him in the chair.

#8.  S4 E13/14 There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2.  We finally see how the Oceanic 6 wound up back in the real world. Jin blew up on the freighter (not really), Ben Linus turned the donkey wheel which resulted in moving the Island and Lapidus’s helicopter went down. Desmond and Penny are reunited in a lovely moment.

#7.  S5 E16/17 The Incident. We finally meet Jacob!  We see Jack really kick Faraday’s plan into gear to find Jughead and detonate the A-bomb in the location where the Swan station was going to be built.  If there is no Swan station, there is no button to push and 815 never crashes.  Or… is this what always happened and Jack detonating the bomb was always the incident?

#6.  S1 E1/2 Pilot.  Arguably, the best dramatic pilot of all time.  The first 20 minutes is as epic as you are ever going to see with our new hero Jack running across the beach desperately trying to save as many people as he can from this devastating plane cash.  Plus, there is some kind of monster in the jungle.  And polar bears.  Guys, where are we, INDEED!


#5.  S6 E9 Ab Aeterno.  An episode that is as good as many feature films that focuses on the back story of the never aging Richard and his tragic background.  This episode confirmed that Richard arrived on the Island by way of the Black Rock.  The writers threw in a beautiful love story between Richard and Isabella, that, through Hurley’s ability to talk to the dead, is revisited on the Island, saving Richard.  One of the best single flashback episodes ever.


#4.  S3 E8 Flashes Before Your Eyes.  The first Desmond “time travel” episode as Desmond tells what happened after he turned the key in the Swan Hatch.  His consciousness shot back to his days with Penny when they were happy and in love.  Desmond planned on proposing, but Ms. Hawkins told him he could not because he didn’t do it before and he could not change the past.  Whatever happened, happened.  What would have happened if Desmond had gone ahead and proposed?  Who knows.  But this was one more example of the magic between Penny and Desmond.


#3.  S3 E22/23 Through the Looking Glass.  Season three finale where we had the loss of Charlie, sacrificing himself so Desmond would be able to live.  Charlie still took the time to let Desmond know that the freighter off the coast of the Island was “Not Penny’s boat!”  We also followed along with Jack in the real world as he was addicted to pills and having a breakdown.  When could this be taking place?  Everybody’s mouths dropped when we found out that it was taking place in the future.  Jack was off the Island!  So was Kate as we saw her too.  What does that mean?  Is it the freighter who gets them off the Island?  Who else made it home?  So many questions brought up by this, one of the best cliffhanger endings to a season finale ever.


#2.  S6 E17 The End.  The final episode of LOST delivered in all kinds of ways, and I don;t care what anybody has to say about it.  It was an emotionally beautiful story that saw the final fate of our favorite survivors of Oceanic 815.  We saw the final battle between Jack and the Man in Black/John Locke.  We saw Jack pass on the mantel of leadership to Hurley because he knew he was going to die.  The End has brought me to tears every time I have watched it.  I know there are haters out there who think that LOST dropped the ball or did not explain enough of what was going on and they are welcome to their opinions, no matter how wrong they are.  The End is an epic finale for the greatest series ever.


#1.  S4 E5 The Constant.  This Desmond episode is one of the best hours of television you are going to see anywhere.  I absolutely love The Constant as Desmond’s consciousness jumped back between present day and his past and he desperately tried to stop the jumps from happening before it killed him.  How does he do it?  According to Faraday, he had to find a constant, something in common between both time lines.  That meant Penny.  The phone call between Penny and Desmond is electric, crackling with energy and chemistry.  It is the most creative hour of the entire series, and that is saying something.


So there it is.  All of the LOST episodes in order according to EYG.  You may have some differing opinions and that is fine, but this is the list for me.  Honestly, who knows how it might change over time.  That’s the great thing about television.

See you in another life, brother.









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