The Spy That Dumped Me

The Spy Who Dumped Me Movie Poster

I saw a special preview of The Spy That Dumped Me tonight and it was probably not a good idea to see this movie so close to Mission Impossible: Fallout because there was no way to think about this as a spy movie after seeing that other one.

Audrey (Mila Kunis) had been dumped by her boyfriend Drew (Justin Theroux) and she, with the help of her best friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon), was trying to get over it.  However, she found out that Drew was actually a CIA agent and he gave her a package that needed to be delivered to Europe.  Suddenly, Audrey and Morgan are swept up in a convoluted story of international espionage and treason.

I’ll start with the positives, which this film did have.  I really enjoyed the chemistry on screen between Kunis and McKinnon.  They played best friends and they seemed to be that very way.  I bought the relationship between them and that is important since that is the true relationship driving the film.

There were some great actors and actresses appearing in the film beside them:  Paul Reiser, Jane Curtain, Gillian Anderson, and Hasan Minhaj.  Unfortunately, a lot of these actors had little to do in the story and were there for basic cameos.

We also see some growth in Kunis’ character as she goes from having a lack of confidence to being strong enough to become a kick ass spy.

Now, Kate McKinnon was hit and miss.  Her character was so over-the-top throughout the movie that at times she became annoying.  Other times, when she was downplaying her weirdness, the character was considerably more entertaining.  The dialogue between Kunis and McKinnon ranged from funny and witty to nothing but low brow jokes.  The inconsistencies hurt the film.  Then, if you really sat down and look at the plot, some of the twists make no sense and really screw up the narrative the film had been building.

The film also tried to be smarter than it is with a series of obvious twists that you could see coming a mile away.

There were moments in the movie where I found myself laughing, but it was never a lot of laughing.

I feel as if this movie had a chance to be better than it turned out and could have done with some rewriting to focus more on the characters and less on the events.  Though it was not as bad as I thought it could have been, The Spy Who Dumped Me was at best, average.  It certainly was not the best spy movie of the weekend.

2.5 stars


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