The Mothman of Point Pleasant (2017)

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The next film for the October Fear Fest during the horror binge-a-thon is the documentary by Seth Breedlove and Lyle Blackburn of the Small Town Monsters crew that deals with the story of the Mothman.

Back in the 1960s, there were multiple sightings of a strange, birdman like creature in the town and surrounding areas of Point Pleasant, West Virginia.  There were sightings on a regular basis for 13 months, which included plenty of unidentified flying objects and strange lights in the sky as well.  The legend of the sightings included some who claimed the Mothman as a prophet of doom, even going as far as saying that it was seen perched on the Silver Bridge, which collapsed soon after in 1967.

The documentary was well done, specifically in the way of creating a mood in the viewer.  The music, the stylish manner, the coincidences really do a fine job of setting the feeling for the viewer.  Many of the re-enactments of certain major events were well done and helped to make the film creepy.  However, there is not a really deep investigation into the mystery though.  It basically gives the information of the eye-witnesses and tells the story.  There is little to no counter points shown to balance the story.  It takes the assumption that this was something weird and goes from there.

It was an interesting documentary to watch, but it did not truly provide much real substantiated material from anyone other than a town that holds Mothman festivals.


Image result for the mothman of point pleasant movie poster

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