Marvel Zombie #1 (2018)

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The first comic I want to use in the brand new Comics This Week section of the EYG website is Marvel Zombie#1.

Writer:  W. Maxwell Prince

Artist:  Steffano Raffaele

Color Artist:  Rachelle Rosenberg

Cover Art:  Juan Ferreyra

Marvel returns to the world of horror with their zombie titles that were big a few years ago, except this is a different world than that one.  And the “Marvel Zombie” is one zombie in particular.  His name is Simon Garth and he is a previous Marvel character that was called the Zombie.

Here we see Simon befriend a young boy named Donny, who is with the few remaining heroes, the Defenders, which includes Falcon, Spider-man, Black Widow, Kate Bishop, Moon Girl, Misty Knight, Daredevil.

Part that I really enjoyed was the interaction between the remaining Marvel heroes who clashed over philosophy.  There was a very intriguing argument between Natasha Romanoff and Peter Parker that seems to truly fit their characters.  I liked how, despite the world around them, these characters and their ideological ideas remain constant.

There is also an interesting new connection between Simon and Donny and that relationship leads to some unfortunate results.

It looks that this series is a one-shot comic for the Halloween time, but I have to say that I enjoyed this enough to wish that it could continue on as a regular series.  I enjoyed the relationship between  Simon and Donny and I loved the heroes.  We also get to see many of the heroes/villains turned to zombies and what they look like now (hey there Doc Ock!)


Image result for Marvel Zombie #1 2018

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