Hunter Killer

This was an okay stupid movie.

Of course, there are more plot holes in this than there were in Geostorm.  When Geostorm is the more realistic film, you know there may be an issue.

The movie tells the dual story of a submarine crew and a small group of soldiers heading toward Russia to investigate the sinking of a US submarine.

The story was split into two separate prongs.  First, new submarine captain Joe Glass (Gerard Butler) leads his crew to the area where the submarine was sunk.  They find a Russian sub that had also been sunk that contains some survivors.  Those survivors included the Russian sub captain (Michael Nyqvist).

Second, a group of soldiers led by Bill (Toby Stephens) and they were trained for special missions.  They wound up being sent into Russia to see what they could find out by Admiral John Fisk (Common), who reports to the CJCS Charles Donnegan (Gary Oldman).

It turns out that this whole plot was an attempted coup by the Russian Admiral Dmitri Durov (Michael Gor) over Russian President Zakarin (Alexander Diachenko).

So there are so many major plot points here.  When Durov started his coup by capturing the Russian president, he shot the president’s men, but kept the president alive and took him off to a room to hold him.  Seriously?  Why keep the guy alive?  What purpose could he have?  And if they did need him alive, when he is trying to escape with the Americans, they certainly were shooting at him a bunch.  I guess they did not need him alive after all.

There was the typical bland story writing involving Captain Glass too.  He came on the sub, started making decisions that everyone was unsure about and the XO (Carter MacIntyre) had to question him out loud and just be generally oppositional.  Couldn’t we have an XO who ONCE doesn’t have to question everything the new captain says.

It was also very convenient that every Russian on the screen was able to speak perfect English so they did not have to waste special effects on translations.

Gary Oldman was so misused here.  He is an Oscar winner but he was barely in the movie.  And when he was, he was the more cliched character that you could guess. Not even the talent of Oldman could elevate this material.

This is a really stupid movie.  However, there are some fun moments too, if you can suspend your disbelief.  The action with the submarine was decent and I did like how the Russian and US captains worked together.  Butler and Nyqvist worked well together.  Most of the remaining characters were disposable and had little to no development.

If you want to see really great submarine movies, then find Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October.  This one is a movie to watch and stuff your face full of popcorn.

2.3 stars


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