Old Man Hawkeye#10


Old Man Hawkeye#10

“Blood from a Stone”

Writer:  Ethan Sacks

Artist:  Marco Checchetto

Cover art:  Marco Checchetto


This week’s comic of the week is perhaps one of the best series of this past year.  Old Man Hawkeye has been a wonderful tale of a future of the Marvel Universe where Clint Barton is traveling around the world in search of the former members of the Thunderbolts to kill because they betrayed him which led to the death of many of Hawkeye’s friends.

Old Man Hawkeye#10 finally arrives to Moonstone.  And there are some Sentinels along the way.

This series has been wonderful so far, bringing us a future possible story and showing us how some of these characters could end up.  Clint Barton is slowly going blind, which is a tough thing for an archer to deal with.  Kate Bishop has joined him on his path and Marshal Bullseye (yes, that Bullseye) is hot on his trail.

It also looks like a showdown with Baron Zemo is on the horizon.

Old Man Hawkeye is a twelve-issue series and it has never failed to be anything but engaging and unbelievably entertaining.  Marco Checchetto’s art is beautiful, as it reminds one of paintings and his creative ways he has envisioned the characters such as the new look of Moonstone is truly breath taking.

I have loved Old Man Hawkeye this year and it is in the running for my favorite comic of 2018.

Issue #10 continues that trend.


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