Nobody’s Fool

Nobody's Fool

Tiffany Haddish can be really over-the-top, but she can also be very funny.  It is usually graphic or lewd in nature, but that can be funny.

In Nobody’s Fool, she was funny about a third of the time.

The rest of the film is a giant mess.

Tanya (Tiffany Haddish) has just been released from jail and she is staying with her sister Danica (Tika Sumpter).  Danica has a relationship with a man online whom she had never met, but they seemed to be soulmates.  Tanya believes that her sister is being catfished and goes about trying to prove this.

Now, that is what the trailers make you think this movie is about, but it really is not.  First of all, Tiffany Haddish is not the lead character.  She is at best a supporting character.  The film is about Danica and her relationships.  After the whole catfish this ended (early on), she had a relationship with Frank (Omari Harwick) and that relationship was rocky.

Not because of Frank but because Danica was a rotten person.  The film tried to make her out the protagonist, but she was simple a horrible person whom I did not want to cheer for even a little bit.  She was rude and mean spirited.  She caused people pain everywhere she went.

Why should I want poor Frank to end up with Danica when she treated him like something she scraped off her shoes?  She was stuck up and mean.  I would have totally kicked her to the curb if I were Frank.

This is a Tyler Perry movie and none of these people feel like real people.  They feel like poorly written characters in a movie script.  They do things that reasonably intelligent people simply would not do.

The exception here is Whoopi Goldberg who plays Danica and Tanya’s mother and she steals the movie every time she makes an appearance.  She is absolutely the best part of Nobody’s Fool and I wanted more of Whoopi.

This is just a mess of a film that does not know what the narrative is meant to be.  These characters are dumb and our protagonist is as unlikable as you can be.

1.5 stars


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