Million Dollar Baby (2004)

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The Thanksgiving binge watch continued today with another boxing movie that was missing from my potential list of Top 10 Boxing movies (which I’ll do later this week).  Million Dollar Baby is from director Clint Eastwood and starred Eastwood along with Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman.

Hilary Swank was Maggie Fitzgerald, a woman who hoped to have Frankie Dunn, hardened boxing trainer, trainer her to become a fighter.  Frankie was not up for the challenge at first because he did not train girls.  However, Maggie’s persistence eventually won him over and he connected with her.

Maggie took to the sport very quickly.  Once someone taught her how to use her feet and to properly breathe, she began knocking people out in the first round.  She progressed quickly, becoming a sensation.

Hilary Swank was wonderful as the down-home sweetheart Maggie, who was determined to reach her goals.  She wound up winning an Academy Award for her performance in Million Dollar Baby.  Eastwood won the Academy Award for directing and Freeman was Best Supporting Actor that year.  Million Dollar Baby was also the Best Picture winner.

I did not expect this to be as emotional of a movie as it was.  The picture really hits you with an uppercut and knocks the wind out of you, all in a flash of a second.

Great action.  Great storytelling.  Real emotion.  Million Dollar Baby is way better than I ever expected it to be.  It transcended boxing and became a movie about life and loss and pain.  Truly a moving experience.


Image result for million dollar baby movie poster

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