The Immortal Hulk #9

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The Immortal Hulk #9

“The Sinners”

Writer:  Al Ewing

Artist:  Martin Simmonds and Joe Bennett

Cover Art:  Alex Ross

The Immortal Hulk has really been hitting its stride over the last several months at Marvel Comics.  It has taken a brand new take on Bruce Banner’s uglier half.  The Hulk comes out at night and it does not matter whether or not Bruce Banner has survived the day… the Immortal Hulk will come out to play.

This title, helmed by writer Al Ewing, has taken the series in an original direction.  It is a horror/Monster story and the psychological aspects of the character of the Hulk as well as the other side characters are fascinating.

This month we get a fantastic appearance form Carl “Crusher” Creel, the Absorbing Man and we get a look at this long time character in a manner that we have never seen before.  The story was told in a disjointed narrative style that worked extremely well.

And we get closer to discovering the answer to the internal torment that has been torturing the Hulk recently.

If you have not been reading this book, you need to go back, pick up the book and catch up.  It is most likely a book that would be tough to jump onto, but catching up is well worth the time and effort.


Image result for immortal hulk  9

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