The Christmas Chronicles

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I have to say… I may not be a big fan of most Christmas movies… the new Netflix film, The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell, is charming, clever and a load of fun.

Kurt Russell makes a fantastic Santa Claus, updated for the new generation.  There are many smart and fun adaptations of the classic Santa tropes in the film that you have to really pay attention to the dialogue or the surroundings to catch them all.

Kurt Russell performs the song “Santa Claus is Back in Town” and it is one of may favorite music moments in movies this year.  It was a real jailhouse rock, literally.  It was also the moment of the film that won me over.

In The Christmas Chronicles, Santa gets distracted by two arguing children, the boy heading down the wrong track Teddy (Judah Lewis) and his sister, the ever-joyous Katie (Darby Camp).  With these two causing a dangerous sleigh accident, Santa is stranded in Chicago with Christmas spirit rapidly dwindling and nighttime hours slipping away.  The three of them have to work together to save the holiday.

The film is sugary sweet for sure, and can be completely predictable, but it is a Christmas film.  You fond yourself engaged with the struggles of these two young people and the coolness of Kurt Russell as St. Nick is undeniable.

It is not a forever classic, but the film is a fun watch and a great family movie to watch with your kids.  Kurt Russell is awesome in the role of Santa Claus. He totally immerses himself into the role, making it feel special.  A combination of The Santa Clause and Home Alone, The Christmas Chronicles is a good time.

And the Mrs. Claus cameo is exactly what I had wanted.

3.2 stars 

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