Best Documentaries


This has been a heck of a year for documentaries.  In fact, I have more docs on this list than I have ever had before.  Maybe there has always been great docs that I just did not see, but it appears to me that there was a bunch of awesome ones in 2018.

In fact, the number one on this list will be in the Top 5 movies of the year for me.  That is saying something.


#10.  Remastered:  Tricky Dick & the Man in Black.  Netflix story of Richard Nixon inviting Johnny Cash to perform at the White House.  Interesting doc.

#9.  They’ll Love me When I’m Dead.  Another Netflix doc, this time on Orson Welles and his attempt to complete his film The Other Side of the Wind.

#8.  Free Solo.  Just saw this tonight.  Most of the film, I found the main featured man, Alex Honnold, pretentious and selfish, however, the footage of his free solo climb of El Capitan’s 3,000-foot vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park was tense and thrilling.

#7.  Fahrenheit 11/9.  Michael Moore’s latest film focusing on the reason Donald Trump was elected.  Still, there was more here than just that moment.  He talked a great deal about teachers and the water being poisoned in Detroit.

#6.  Shirkers.  Off of a recommendation by Perri Nemeroff from Collider, I enjoyed this mystery story about a young woman trying to accomplish her dream of making a movie (called Shirkers) and the manner in which it is prevented by a certain man.

#5.  Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.  We see just how brilliant of a man Robin Williams is and how much his life took out of him.  It is still a painful experience thinking about how we lost this genius.

#4.  Andre the Giant.  This on is on HBO and I actually purchased HBO on Hulu specifically for this doc.  There are some great moments in this film on the “Eighth Wonder of the World” and we see just how broken down Andre became by the end.  There might have even been some real emotion shown by Vince McMahon. (Maybe)

TOP 3….

Related image#3.  Three Identical Strangers.  A story so strange and difficult to believe that if this were a fiction story, you would say it was just too far fetched.  Identical triplets separated at birth find their way back to each other… and that is just the start.


Image result for rbg#2.  RBG.  I found this unbelievably entertaining for a story about a Supreme Court justice in her upper eighties.  However, I was completely engaged in the story and I will be praying for her health for as long as Donald is in office.



Image result for won't you be my neighbor#1.  Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  I have never before cried in the car on the way home from seeing a movie, but I did with this film…and for no real apparent reason.  It is not as if the film was a heart-breaker or that it tarnished the reputation of Fred Rogers.  In fact, it showed us that he was really that great of a human.  Maybe the fact that our world today could really used someone like him was what brought on my water works.  One of the best movies (not just documentaries) of the year.


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